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  1.  Brilliance


    It's hard to describe this show because its unlike anything else I have seen if you like dry humour then you will love this. Some seasons are better than others but there's not a single bad episode in season 7 the humour just feels abit rushed at the beginning but overall this show is one of my personal favourites and this comes from a guy who hasn't seen a single episode of seinfield which I feel I should add

  2.  Well its about time methinks


    This dvd specials packaging has been along time coming for me i remember suggesting they shud do a specials dvd on the other derren brown review i did
    But i am some what annoyed at the fact that they have forgotten to include the gathering for some reason which is why im only giving this four stars.
    I will be buying this anyway as i love what derren does but will hope that the gathering will appear on dvd someway along the line.
    Lets also hope that trick or treat series one and two find there way onto a dvd sometime soon as well aye.

  3.  betty!!


    First of all betty aint ugly and secondly oh thats all i have to say the shows ok thou

  4.  betty!!


    First of all betty aint ugly and secondly oh thats all i have to say the shows ok thou

  5.  truly amazing movie


    i dont usually watch films like this but when i recieved a trailer for this on my ipod i just new i had see this film. And this film is truly amazing the sorta thing you watch mouth wide open until the credits role right at the end.

    its a danish film which means its subtitled.You'd have to be quite fickle minded to let a thing such as subtitles put you off a film unless you cant read or are indeed blind.

    However this wonderful blend of manga and live action that works really well and helps the story progress.its about a pornstar (princess) who is killed and august (her brother) and mia (her daughter).

    when she is killed august takes over care for mia who is quite a smart girl for all of her five years. when mia starts to wonder where her mother is august takes to go see her, upon discovering that the priness body has been moved august is disgusted at the comments left at her grave.

    after this he starts to take his furies out at the porn company who continue use princess for buisness. this is a truly amazing movie that no one shud miss.

    Think of something in the vien of kill bill the manga bit and that will give some sort of idea of what to expect.

  6.  poor excuse for a comedy


    this film is rubbish. its not even the sort of rubbish where you can get a cheap laugh out of it im so glad i didnt have to pay for it as id have hung myself if i did. it gets two stars cuss sex sells and experience is hot other than that this so called COMEDY is an absolute horror. DONT BOTHER.

  7.  a true visionary


    finally the powers that be have seen the light and decided to release it on dvd i have seen this show on tv many a time and have taped it many time but to habe it set in stone, on dvd is amazing.

    now they just need to start putting his other stuff on dvd. but at least with they have got the ball rolling love derren he really is a true visionary in every sense of the word

  8.  sketch!!


    just saw the second episode with the freaky obsessed over maxxie sketch i think her name is. the first episode was pretty good but this epsiode i think is the best episode of skins ever.
    everyone was on top form but sketch and chris and sketch were the best in this one. chris was my favourite episode from the first series. hopefully the chris episode in this series will be just as good.
    looks like its sids episode next week cant wait. cant wait to own skins 2 at the same time dont wont it to finish too soon double edge sword anyways rock on skins 2 ONE OF THE BEST BRITISH PROGRAMs EVER ALONG SIDE PEEP SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9.  ignore the cynics over there


    some people seem to be very disapointed about this film but after 20 odd years, when they did actually make the film not everyone was gonna like and just refer to it as one long episode and never gonna let it stand up on its own.

    but i personally loved this film its stupid simple humour at its best and i never get bored of homer falling thru the roof or opting to take the superglue over the jet packs. but i think the best bit was when he pretended to have a chainsaw.

    every character gets their moment in the sun and you evern see a lot of the older characters but no sideshow bob and theres also bits you wont notice first time around like when homer comes out of the bar in alaska.
    look out for the name of the bar.

    And lets not forget maggies first word!

    lets hope there is a sequel

  10. Borat



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     lets make a sexytime


    this is a great book which retains all the humour and boratishness that was in the film and u never get tired of all the borat wife in cage jokes but what has not been mentioned is that this a combination of the touristic guidings kazakhstan and touristic guidings of u s and a so its a really 2 books under under one cover.

    its well worth your pubis so make harvest now.