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Product Reviews

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  1.  Absolutely brilliant!


    I loved Infamous and have been waiting for this ever since I completed it. I have to say it is a perfect following to the first, better graphics and control with another awesome story following from the first game. Its well worth your money, you won't regret it.

  2.  Epic!


    This game is amazing. The story is good and the same play is just out of this world. Visually its stunning in game play with some new melees you want to do over and over again. Co-op playing on the same console is also an added bonus.

  3.  AAA = Awesome


    I head this band played on the Craig Charles Funk and Soul show on radio 6. I've been hooked since then! The album in its entirety is brilliant and rarely leaves my stereo at the moment. Buy it and it will make you happy

  4.  Well Worth Buying


    I imported this and have played both GoW games before playing 3. They are truly amazing and great games to play and understand the story in 3. Buy it now

  5.  Truely awesome!


    This film is great and is a must see. The costume and makeup is so good you forget they're actors and think its real. Just buy it

  6.  Wow


    This game is truely amazing! Graphically it is great paired with equally great gameplay and story its a must buy! Playing it in the dark with the volume up is highly recommended although can put you on edge

  7.  Wow


    This game is just epic! A visual masterpiece and great game play with AI not mimicking human behaviour so its a challenge to play. Buy it

  8.  Buy it now!


    This game is sick, a must own! Go out and buy it as it will blow your mind!

  9.  will and john


    following on from the 1st film. Things are pretty much the same. man its pretty fat! The packs of dogs are reet clever that they can do all that stuff. its quite emotional as well when chance gets with delilla. Chance is proper funny. He proper smooth with delilla. BUY IT BUY IT INT IT BUY IT. YOU LOVE IT. P.s are they the same dogs n cat in each film? we are not sure

  10.  Sick!


    Man, this film is proper buzzing man. Its got a whole range of emotions. The dogs are reet clever. Overall a pumping action packed film!