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  1.  shut up


    all these poxy reviews! get a grip. i thought the film was good! ok its not as good as casino royale but it was still good! worth much more than 1 star. id say 3.5/10 so ill give it a 4 star just to annoy some of the whingers :)

  2.  good laugh!? yes.... so why rate it 2 star? why?


    First things first this film is way over the top! but it is awesum! its comedy and action mixed to perfection! i loved it fairplay. hate the people who slag films off when they should just read the description first! trust me dont listen to them poxy 1 and 2 stars just buy it thats what i did. :)

  3.  I ROBOT


    very simular to i robot. same sort of storyline, machines turning bad lol if youve seen i robot ull guess what the outcome is going to be

  4.  Great CD


    Takes some time to get used to. But after playing the cd about 3 times and i knew all the songs its awesome! Masterpiece :) king lukey

  5.  what an idiot!! best game ever!!!


    Do u even know what your talking about u fool! Everybody knows this is the best first person ever!

  6.  dont listen to the idiot that gave this 1 star.


    Surprised me to be honest, i was expecting your basic modern day cheesy horror. And it was the total opposite! 1. It is scary! 2. It makes u jump and 3. U dont know whats gonna happen next! Now in my oppinion thats what every horror should be like! Top film

  7.  Much Better


    After buying 08 i wasnt really impressed and sold it after a week of playing, downloaded the demo for this and i thought it was a massive improvement on 08 so i bought it and i gotta say its much much better for loads of reasons, and for the guy who said its too easy on the hardest level - get a life and stop playing it 24/7 then u geek lol LUKEY. RHONDDA :)

  8.  It is "Catchy" lol


    this lwka doesnt even know how to spell catchy. lol He is right though it it catchy which is a good thing in my opinion. i bought this cd for a bit of a laugh and doesent dissapoint. LUKEY ;)

  9.  a new and exiting way to cook


    cook and have fun at the same time! lots of recipies and really easy to use, havent cooked anything yet as ive just bought it, but im actually looking forward to it! only reason i dont give 5 is that they could have more meals like carbonara and chicken saute which is its only let down! otherwise flawless!