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  1.  One of the greatest recent horror movies - you'll love it!


    As a huge horror movie fan, I couldn't wait to see the new sequel to Insidious. The first was a great fun horror with a strong influence from the fab movie, Poltergiest. The sequel however just blew me away! With a much stronger plot, great demons and ghosties and some genuinely terrifying scenes.

    Directed by James Wan who also directed The Conjuring, Saw and the original Insidious, you know it's going to be a good film. James Wan is a modern master of Horror and will take his place in the horror hall of fame alongside Wes Craven, George Romero and the like. Apparently Insidious Chapter 2 is Wan's final horror movie and if that's true, he's certainly gone out with a bang. It's fantastic!

    Highly recommended by all horror fans and those who look a very creepy ghost story...

  2.  John Woo At His Best!


    John Woo, the action legend behind films like Face/Off, Hard Boiled, Mission: Impossible II and loads more is back with this fantastic movie. Reign Of Assassins is Woo at his finest! I was hugely impressed with the action sequences in this film. They're both frantic and exciting whilst still being beautiful and breathtaking to look at.

    Reign Of Assassins offers more than your typical action movie and has a truly heartfelt and emotionally involving plot to it. The character are great and the villain alone is reason enough to check out this movie. What's more awesome that a deadly touch and flaming swords?! The samurai battles are intense and there's plenty of them throughout. Nodding to such Asian action classics as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero there's A LOT to love about this movie.

    Highly, highly recommended!

  3.  Fascinating, Intriguing and Entertaining


    I have been hooked on Great British Railway Journey's ever since I saw the 2nd series on the BBC. It's one of the most interesting shows on TV, delving into the fascinating and often surprising history of the UK and the railway. Michael Portillo is a fantastic presenter, full of charisma, passion and knowledge that really makes the show a nice easy-to-watch, relaxing programme.

    The third series is probably my favourite of the four (so far) as Portillo visits my local area of East Anglia (among other areas of the UK). In this series he uncovers the dark secrets of Great Yarmouth and it's morbid booming business of body-snatching, looks at the fascinating story behind the UK's underwater Atlantis-like city, discovers one of the most amazing people to have existed and so, so much more. As well as East Anglia, in this series he also visits Windsor, Isle Of Wight, Poole, Oxford, Newport, Cardiff, Cockermouth, Bray, Dublin, Enfield , Belfast, Londonderry and many other locations.

    This is perfect viewing for fans of Michael Palin's travelogues, Coast and other such great shows. The third series is a perfect starting point too for those new to the show.

    Highly recommended for those who have an interest in the UK and it's often forgotten history. I'm not a train enthusiast, but still absolutely love this show!

  4.  Horror At It's Finest!


    What a film this is! The Soska Sisters have managed to create a fresh, original and fascinating new horror film that certainly ranks as one of the best films of the genre in a very long time.

    American Mary delves into the dark and strange world of Body Modification. Whilst the thought of filing, piercing, drilling or stretching body parts is something that makes me pretty squeamish, I also find it hugely interesting. Thankfully this film delivers on all the gruesome details as well as offering something different, rich and incredibly fascinating. The directing, score and the performances are all top notch too - especially from the lead female actress.

    An absolute must for horror fans, especially those with a passion for body horror.

    Highly, highly recommended.

    Get this film now! You will love it!

  5.  All hail Sinister!


    Ethan Hawke stars in this new horror film from the makers of Paranormal Activity and Insidious that proves to be much, much scarier than both of these movies! The film follows a fairly standard premise in which a family moves into a new house where something isn't quite right. However, Sinister manages to pulls this off in a fresh and genuinely terrifying way that'll send you shivering behind your pillow!

    Director Scott Derrikson, manages to grab you by the gut instantly with the very opening shot of the film. Bleak and disturbing, from the first few frames you know you're about to watch something truly scary and boy does it deliver! With it's perfect blend of gruesome shock horror, nail-shredding tension, jump scares, the creepy atmosphere and the unnerving plot twists that'll throw you into a fit of fearsome wobbles, Sinister is not only a brilliant horror film, but also an incredibly well made film.

    An excellent cast that shows off Ethan Hawke in his finest role yet! I cannot recommend this film enough - buy it now and prepare to be scared!

    In a few years time, I have no doubt that Sinister will be seen as a classic of the genre. One of this decades greatest horror movies! I saw it in the cinemas three times - it was that good!

  6.  Ra-Ra-Rasputin!


    Rasputin was one crazy dude! One just has to look (and admire!) his beard to instantly know that. A twisted, warped and evil mind, Rasputin has become one of history's most notorious characters. Hammer's film version of his life is equally fascinating! With Christopher Lee putting in one of the best performances of his lengthy career, this film has so much to offer. Whilst not my favourite Hammer movie (that probably would go to One Million Years B.C.), this is nonetheless one of the studio's best titles.

    The DVD/Blu-ray combo is easily the best version available of this film and is packed with some brilliant special features. Most notably is the inclusion of two brand new and very interesting documentaries!

    A must for all Hammer and Christopher Lee fans.

  7.  A Killer Movie!


    The thing that initially drew me to Killer Joe was the director of the film. As a fan of William Freidkin's work (best known for The Exorcist) I was eager to see what his latest movie would be like, and I was anything but disapointed. Killer Joe is a terrific film and possibly one of the best movies I've seen all year. With an incredible cast (Matthew McConaughey steals the show with the best performance of his career here), Freidkin is at the peak of his powers.

    The film revolves around an intriguing plot in which a hired hitman, Killer Joe, is called in to kill the family's mother, in a quick attempt to reap the cash rewards. A plot device very similar to other classics such as Hitchcock's Strangers On A Train. Things quickly turn from bad to worse for this cast of characters however!

    A terrific blend of edge-of-your-seat tension and suspense merged brilliantly with some hilarious humour make this film a must see! I cannot recommend this one high enough - go and see it!

  8.  The Ultimate Release Of A Hillarious Show


    I have been a huge fan of MEN BEHAVING BADLY since it first aired in the 90s. The antics of Tony, Gary, Dorothy and Deborah never tire and just keep getting funnier with each view. Even after two decades have flown past, this still remains one of the funniest sitcoms I've ever seen. This box set, The Complete Collection, is easily the most definitive release of this brilliant show! Contained here is not only all 6 series but a whole bunch of awesome extras, many of which I've never seen! There's bloopers galore and several special episodes (Jingle Balls, some Comic Relief sketches and a couple others) along with a brand new in-depth documentary. It really is an incredible box set! These special features are just as laugh out loud funny as the main episodes and make this a must have for any MBB fan or generally fans of British comedy.

    So, oogle over Deborah, chuck back some beers, put up with Dorothy and relive one of the funniest TV shows of all time with this brilliant box set!

  9.  Its Not Just Old Houses That Can Be Haunted


    Since Paranormal Activity became such a huge hit, the found footage film has boomed. From Bigfoot, ghosts, serial killers and even trolls, these movies are everywhere. So, it takes something special to stick out from the rest and APARTMENT 143 does just that! This film will have you shaking with fear.

    So many ghost films are based upon an old creaky house, normally built on an ancient Indian burial ground or some other cliche. APARTMENT 143 offers something entirely different however, by basing it in an everyday apartment flat. It brings it home (especially if you live in a flat!). The characters involved in this intense poltergeist film, are excellent and very believable. Although the moody daughter can be a bit annoying at time, the dynamic of a single father, a cute kid, grumpy teenage and an incredibly violent and pervy ghost make for a terrifying film.

    Highly recommended for film fans, especially as we approach Halloween. If you liked Paranormal Activity, then this is a must see!

  10.  A Must See Thriller


    I originally caught The Pact in the cinemas, going in with very little knowledge about the film. Needless to say, I was blown away by it! This is an incredible ghost film that has a plot which twists and turns constantly, leaving you always on the edge of your seat. It makes a refreshing change to watch a horror/thriller that doesn't rely on gore and unnecessary jump scares to freak you out.

    If you like films like The Others, What Lies Beneath, The Sixth Sense or even Insidious - then this is for you!