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  1.  Sims 3: The Highs And The Pitfalls


    What is the Sims 3? Is it to much of a 'Loser'? To 'Brave'? Are we being to 'Over Emotional' when it comes to the latest installment of EA's Sims franchise. Or maybe we're just 'Unlucky'? These are just some of the traits from the Sims 3.

    However you look at it, the Sims 3 is an amazing game in that it has taken many leaps and bounds ahead of Sims 2, providing features that thousands of players from around the globe have wanted. Features such as the trait system are truely unique, making your sim who YOU want them to be. This means you can make anyone you want. With dozens of trait choices you can make a unique sim and take them into the amazing new town of Sunset Valley.

    Other great features that have been included in the game is the way in which you now have a free-flowing environment. There are no loading times accept when you start up the game to play it. This means you can move from one household to another with no trouble. You can even take your sims to work, going with them and telling them how hard (or not so hard) they should be working. These new features make the game truely unique in almost every way. The customization of nearly everything from shoes( yes you can pick your own shoes now too!) to your own car and changing the height of your roof. If you can dream it you can probably do it.

    However, there are some faults with the game. EA said that when it came out you could play it on a medium spec PC, but really most PC's won't be able to handle the data that the game has. Lots of people are putting down 1 or 2 stars because of this, but this review is meant to review the game, not the fact that some people's PC's won't handle its demands. I had to use a high end PC to get my game to work, so its something important to bare in mind if you want to buy the game.

    Other negatives is the choice of clothes, hair styles and objects to use and buy within the game. Alot of the best objects and styles have been taken out, and it feels like a big hole. The great thing we all loved about Sims 2 was the quantity and the great quality of the objects. In the Sims 3, its seems like great quality again, but little quantity.

    Also, and this is just a personal nag at the game is that for a game that is meant for 2009, certain features feel very archaic. By this i mean the car animation. It feels like the cars all have built in rocket engines with the speed they rush around the map, how cars pass through each other, how they suddenly appear and disappear. You don't even see your sims drive the car out of the driveway! They stand on the pavement, then the car suddenly appears and they drive off, how come in Sims 2 Nightlife they could do that, but in the latest installement they leave that out? Its just not on.

    Overall, im giving the Sims 3 a solid 4 out of 5. This is just due to the loss of features, but not the character. In some ways the game has gone back to its roots from Sims. This is great for players such as myself, who have been playing Sims since it came out in 2000. The loss of features is a serious pitfall for the game, but the new streamlined town and trait features give the game truely something speical. Buy it if you have a high end PC, i suggest not to follow the min specs exactly, and make sure you have something a bit better. It is a great game, and i would truely recommend it to anyone who is a long time lover of the Sims series, and to anyone new looking for something just that bit different. The set of expansion packs set to come out in the next few months or the next year look set to make the game even better, introducing old favorites such as universities, holidays, nightclubs and pets. Oh and yes, you still have the Goth family

    Taraz all!