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  1.  Discover Sugar Man


    Deserved winner of the Oscar for Best Documentary, this is excellent stuff.
    Fascinating, involving and eye-opening, whether you have a love of music or not, you're sure to enjoy this film.

  2.  Lame


    Take no notice whatsoever of the 4 and 5* reviews - this film is far from that.
    This is a POOR effort by Disney/Pixar's usual standards. Normally the characters and story are well worked, but here it seemed like they couldn't be bothered.
    I wasn't drawn into the story; I didn't care about the characters, especially the mother. It wasn't funny and it wasn't moving.
    This pales in comparison to similar cartoons, for example 'How to Train Your Dragon', which poops on it from a great height, like... well... like a dragon pooping on a bear.

  3.  Decent


    Good, but definitely not 5*.
    It's engrossing, but something's missing. Maybe it doesn't make you care enough. A pretty linear plot which doesn't offer much in the way of surprises, it very much feels like a 'true story' that's been copy and pasted into the standard Hollywood format.

  4.  A History of Nothing Happening


    I really cannot see the excitement about this film.
    Now, i'm not a moron with the attention span of a sparrow, but this movie is basically a short film somehow stretched into a feature-length one. Really, nothing much happens.
    Just as it starts getting interesting - at the end - I was thinking 'Oh good, finally it's picking up', and then it ended! That should've been the end of Act I.
    Plus, the title kinda gives away the fact that the main character has, you guessed it, a history of violence....

    Utterly disappointing!

  5.  Gash of the Titans


    What amazes me about these sort of films is that they spend many millions of dollars on sets and fancy CGI, yet don't seem to stump up more than about $100 for the screenwriter.
    How can it even be that hard, when it's a remake of a classic? I wondered that too, in between wondering when/if the film was going to grab my interest.
    It didn't.
    I couldn't quite tell you why - probably because I was imagining re-ordering my sock drawer or something - but I had absolutely no emotional involvement with this show. I cared nothing for the characters, at all.
    Do yourself a favour and watch the original again.

  6.  Why?


    Ah, that curious beast - a SitCom that is strangely lacking in comedy, and yet lots of people seem to like it.
    Possibly for a lack of anything better on TV?
    The only saving grace is Rob Brydon's ability to say anything with a Welsh accent and make it sound quite amusing.
    Otherwise, poor.

  7.  Van Awful


    This film is very bad.
    Too long, too glossy, too much CGI... too little story.

  8.  Unfunny Town


    I can't understand the 5* ratings for this, a film that got tagged as 'The Welsh Trainspotting' but is nowhere near as bold or funny or original, notably its attempts at 'cool' dialogue which are cringe-inducing.
    A pretty poor film.

  9.  Not worth the money.


    I got these because I had an earlier model from 3 years back. They finally fell apart, and i thought I'd try these ones.
    Not impressed.
    They don't keep the sound out as well as the old ones; the cord is thinner and feels more fragile; I don't like the case.

    I think you're better off going for the EX35s.

  10.  A Lame Haunting


    An American haunting... scarier than a British haunting, but probably not as scary as a Japanese haunting.
    And that's all I want to say about this film. It's bad.
    If you want to see something good/creepy with Donald Sutherland, watch 'Don't Look Now'.
    And for Spacek, watch 'Carrie' of course.

    Just don't waste your time watching this.