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  1.  If you own Madden 10, don't bother


    I think I'll start this review with the changes to this years game.....hmmmmm, with there being so few, that could be a problem. Firstly, the Franchise and Superstar modes are exactly the same as last years game, which is a huge let down, considering that they are the core of the game. I remember the depth that the Madden games used to go into in the PS2 games, and it's painful to see the watered down version EA has been pumping out on the next gen consoles. Any graphics upgrades have gone completely unnoticed by myself, and although there are some new pre-game visuals, its the same from team to team. The Superbowl finally has some fanfare though, which is a feature that has been missing for too long. The new gameflow system works pretty well streamlining the game, but isn't above calling ridiculous plays on occasion. The new commentary with Gus Johnson can get a bit ridiculous and over the top, and the menu music is nowhere near as good as last year (I nearly ripped my own ears off when Kiss' "Rock & Roll All Night" came on, with it's incessanlty long, repeating ending). There has been a pretty good upgrade to the running game, but it feels like it, and most of the other good features, have been shamelessly lifted from NCAA 11.

    The biggest let down for me though is the fact there are still annoying glitches in the game itself that haven't been fixed from last years game. Corners still on occasion make cuts before your own receivers like mind readers, linemen still ignore the occasional pass rusher, and once again levels seem to have very little to do with the stats players can put up.

    The reason I gave this game 3 stars is it's exactly like Madden 10, and if you haven't bought the game in a few years, you'll still enjoy it. Unfortunately, Madden 10 wasn't the best base model to start with, and veteran Maddenites hoping for some major improvements will be dissapointed. If you want a good football game, spend a little extra and have a copy of NCAA 11 shipped over.