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  1.  Great story and based on truth


    Great film, slow begging but it has to set the seen, then once the story is set the story of love between a young man and his love gets rolling with the hardship they both encountered all because of family disputes and a country in dispute is amazing then to get through all this they manage to bring together and unit people and a country at high cost. There are parts that are close to Kingdom of heaven as both tell this true tall of one man and his strength to over come a situation force on him and his action. Great film really worth a look plus I loved the way the film is split into two parts great effort.

  2.  A must see ignore bad reviews


    What a fantastic film, so we'll made as you would expect the story line is also so great. One minute your smiling then angry as the story line of the racist view and what these young brave men went through on all sides home and at war. but they showed everyone these we're true heros and I must be honest as the film finished I had tears in my eyes, please if you do anything this year buy and watch you will not be dissapointed.

  3.  Meet the juke box


    I have had an Ipod since I can remember but when filled up and having to sit a pick what to take off so you can load up new music was a real draw, so saved up and purchased the Classic 160Gb. I have my entire music collection 6000 tracks with every album covers, all my best photos and my best ever films around twelve and still have over 80GB left!!
    it is past around my office and people can NOT believe what music is on it, it has a track for every one we call it the juke Box and I never ever leave home with out it!

    If I was stranded any where I can keep myself happy for hours, if you love music and films then it is a must the end.

  4.  one of the best for there hits


    This album is a great album having all there greatest hits just stunning, Dartford Boys did good and they were superb in Hyde Park not lost a single bit of there power and rock and roll great album buy it you will not be disappointed.

  5.  one of the best so chilled with to great live tracks


    I have bought about five of these albums giving four of them away to very good friends just to ensure there aware of such a great album

  6.  for this price a total steal, wot an album


    the minute this double album has come i have not stopped playing it, i have always like Eric Clapton but o my god the martiral he has is just mind blowing a fanatastic double album a must buy you will not regret it. wish i could get tickets as cheep to see him this year but as not this album does the job!

  7.  not got a reveiw how can that be this album is stunning


    saw the boys at Wembley 1996 before it was ripped down, they were on fire. this album is in its own words the best is a must for all dudes that love that summer feel good rock sound from the states. with Hotel California what a tune the best ever in my mine i have the fith tattoo'd on my arm. If you want a good mix from the lads this is it.

  8.  dirty laudry and boys of summer


    what an album this is, the man is a god.if you dont have this album why not pure summer tunes from the 80's stunning. at this price a must buy.

  9.  should i stay or should i go there is a question


    should i stay or should i go, got to be the biggest question ever through your life i would say. these boys were the best. rock the casbah what a tune if you buy this album for just them two tunes you you have a great taste. Joe was an insperation to thousands of bands and song writers never will there be another rip joe.

  10.  A MUST HAVE


    I have just replaced this album, what a peice of work this is a mind blowing album and all rock lovers should own this with live tracks from london and studio work it is just a pure classic.