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  1.  Outstanding, realistic and very, very deep


    I've stopped playing the PES series after the mediocre PES 2008 and moved on to the then lauded FIFA 09, which I would say was a breath of fresh air. Being a fan of PES series and especially PES 6 - which some may call the greatest football game ever made - I was hesitant to move to the FIFA series. After playing FIFA 09, 10 and 11, the series took a nosedive, got repetitive and innovation stopped. Every single match I played in FIFA felt exactly the same, goals were all similar, the glitches were unbearable, the AI was horrendous, there's no great offline modes and the list goes on...

    But after hearing of the mild success of PES 11, I decided to get PES 12 and I can honestly tell you this is the best football game out right now. I am not just saying it because I bought the game or hate FIFA, I am honestly telling you after exploring all it has to offer plus playing the matches to get a feel of the game, it's hands down the best football game out this year.

    The graphics look great, especially in cutscenes and celebrations and the motion blur makes it even more realistic. At times you feel like you're watching an actual football match on television, I'm dead serious. The ball physics, stadiums, nets, player animations and likeness trumps FIFA.

    The core gameplay has seen a few changes from before. You can now control another player while dribbling the ball to get him into tight spots for some beautiful goals. The AI runs are also great, they spot opportunites and execute very well. The movements aren't as fluid as I'd like it to be but it's as close to natural as anything I've seen in video games. The team at Konami really understand the game of football and you can see it in the way the players react, touch the ball, make clever runs or even show emotion during dead balls. Even the little details like managers pacing on the sidelines when they're down a goal, subs joining in on the celebrations,security guards in the background talking to each other and players fighting with each other when there's a bad tackle - it's so real you can't do anything else but just play a match all over again just to experience those little moments.

    The level of customization is also an area PES excels in. Yes, there aren't any licenses but there are patches and mods from the PES community available for you to download to your USB and upload to your PS3 save data - it's really simple. You get all the official logos, stadiums, names, kits - every possible thing you can think of. There's even patches for alternative commentary from Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley and it sounds like your regular weekend fixture matches on television.

    Master League is of course the most important feature of PES and it's even better than before. I can't go into too much detail but I can tell you that I'm managing a run down Japanese club with non other than Brazilian and Inter Milan defender Maicon. He's in cutscenes wearing suits, talking to club executives and on the pitch during practice talking to players - will you see things like this in any other football game? Never!!!

    So in conclusion, I recommend this game strongly. It's the best football game out now. Don't trust the reviews from IGN that willingly gives FIFA 12 a 9.5 but when you go to the forums all you hear is disgruntled fans who wasted their money on a broken game. Oh, and PES has Champion's League and with the patches you can download, plus all the kits and official team, you will essentially have two games, a PES game and a Champion's League game.

  2.  Tired of COD, try this


    This was a day one buy for me. i was fairly confident from my research into this game and my time playing and watching the demo, that this was going to be something special...understatement...

    Since I had played the demo and no other previous crysis games, i decided to engulf myself in the campaign. I watched my buddy play multiplayer a bit. It looked like it had a few changes. otherwise i've only experimented with the customization a bit. So let me just get to the good stuff..

    Graphics-10/10 - this is the most beautiful game I've seen this far on the 360. it is amazing! Installed on my HDD it runs with no issues. Fast, beautiful, crazy. This game has 3D options, which I think would be even more gorgeous.

    Gameplay-9.4/10 - controls are very solid. One of the complaints that you might get is that you have to double tap Y for grenades. but come on! This game utilizes the back button for multiple things!? Yes, the back button. So the controls take some getting use to, but are very solid like i said. It more about honing your skill as this super ninja, then the controls...and when I mean honing your skills; it looks like the more you kill and through the different difficulties your suit abilities stack. not for sure but it looks like it. Also I'd recommend trying out tactics in campaign, because most of the suit abilities that are in multiplayer. (also try all the guns..try all the guns while on the move..etc)

    Story(campaign)-9/10 - I promise, no spoilers.. I thought the story was pretty good. Everything together with the story is awesome. But I can't compare to Crysis games because i haven't played it. I watched all the cut scenes on my first playthrough and I thought it was fantastic.

    Music-10/10 - hanz Zimmer (Gladiator, Inception, MW2) did an amazing job with his music for this game. I tried listening to my own music while playing, but it didn't feel the same. Zimmer's music is amazing with the game. Like i said, overall as one package it's well done.

    Multiplayer- 9.0/10 - i believe theres 12 maps and 4 game modes. 6 vs 6. amazing and fast paced. To me it felt more like Battlefield than COD, with a little bit of Halo. I felt I really needed to use this pimped out ninja suit to my advantage. Situational classes. lol. (i'm a geek) controls are similar to campaign, same for abilities. you have 3 stats; strength, speed, stealth. By using those you can gain abilities from there tree of "perks". The customization is pretty indepth. not black ops, but doesn't fall too much short of that. from the abilities and guns that i've tried i really think they did a good job of balancing things. considering that everyone has a nanosuit... just like cod by using abilities they can get better and theres all these other "assessments" that are similar to cods challenges. multiplayer really take some insight into your strengths and weaknesses to figure out what your good at. like i said, use single player to figure that out.

    Overall this is well worth the 40 quid. Multiple playthroughs for sheer awesome-ness and collectibles, furious multiplayer, and an overall very well done and polished product. I said to my friends this was going to be my filler till RAGE came. well....i feel silly for calling something as amazing as this a filler.

  3.  Classic, influential and iconic


    Akira, 1988. Though I was only a 1 year old when this film first came out, I discovered it for the first time back in 2002 and I can safely say it's the best anime film I've ever seen. Not to discredit such greats as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Ghost in the Shell and others, but Akira has style and substance.

    Akira is most frequently designated as one of the seminal anime films, like 'Ghost in the Shell,' which have done much to define the potential of the Japanese genre. By the making of this film, 'Akira' was already as very popular manga (by Katsuhiro Otomo). Its theme is one that recurs frequently in anime, the good and the bad of human 'evolution.'

    Neo Tokyo is Tokyo reborn on the ashes of the devastation of the next world war. Set in 2019, the city is already large, crowded, and apparently thriving. Yet, as you look at the details of this superbly animated film, it becomes obvious that something is seriously wrong. Discontent has fueled a rising level of social violent, motorcycle gangs make war on the streets, and if one listens carefully, one hears rumors about 'Akira, a savior who wields tremendous powers.

    Kanada and Tetsuo are bike gangers, friends since childhood. When a conflict with the clown gang turns ultra-rough, Tetsuo is injured, just as the appearance of a child-like stranger brings the army down on everyone. Tetsuo is carted off to a secret facility where the 'examinations' trigger the development of mental powers. Enraged by years of powerlessness, and fury at his captors Tetsuo uses his powers to search for Akira, leaving a massive trail of destruction through Neo Tokyo.

    Kanada, the authorities, and a mysterious group of children struggle to prevent the impending apocalypse, but it is clear from the beginning that nothing will be left unchanged in a demonstration of the risks of granting powers to those who are not ready for them

    'Akira' is an example of the power of animation, so finely grained that, wherever the eye rests, there is something to consider. While it still relies on non-stop action to carry it through, the characters, drawn from the dark side of the city are equally vivid. Typical of anime, the film drops the viewer into a whirlwind with little or no preparation, but I don't really think the plot of the film is particularly hard to understand. One simply needs to ride with the action, and things gradually become clear.

  4.  Great sequel


    After a 10 year wait Marvel vs Capcom 3 is now available. This game features several characters you've seen in previous installments and characters you never thought would appear in a video game. First the pros

    New Marvel vs Capcom on a next gen system
    Great graphics
    Fun to play
    Accessable by anyone from the hardcore gamer to a casual gamer (and this one was done very well in my opinion)
    Online play is the smoothest I've seen of any game recently

    Not a lot of online features
    Few offline options
    Few classic Marvel and Capcom characters

    Overall this game is really great and I recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good fighting game. Now I do want to mention one thing I've heard complaints about. Many people complained about the number of characters - this one has 36 and Marvel vs Capcom 2 had 56. This is true but if any of you have played MvC2 then you should know the characters were very much a cut and paste into the second game this time around each character was given special treatment and made from the ground up. Plus there will be DLC so in the end there might be more characters on here anyway.

    It's very fun to play but I do wish there would've been more modes to play. It's definitely a worthy sequel of Marvel vs Capcom 2. So if you don't have it yet you should go out and buy it!!!!

    Also it's worth mentioning that we'll be getting a few fighting games this year like next month's release of Mortal Kombat and then the Tekken X Street Fighter and Street Fighter X Tekken - plus the Arcade Edition of Super Street Fighter IV and possibly a Tekken Teag Tournament 2. I would advise you to play this until any of those games mentioned are released.

  5.  Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year


    This is by far the best game to ever come out of Rockstar. Contrary to what many people say, this is not Grand Theft Wagon. The scope of this game is colossal. The story is as epic as any Sergio Leone western and in my eyes, this game is a homage to Sam Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch.

    I don't know where to start off with this game, it's really big. You get to play in what looks like Albequerque, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. There's a lot of scenery here like a small Grand Canyon, massive steams, lakes, spanish villas, snowy mountains and the desolate desert that is Nevada. There's plenty to explore, from hunting the wildlife, to hunting outlaws, to taking over gang hideouts, playing horseshoes and poker, to exploring areas and hunting for treasure, to having classic gun duels and anything else you can think can be done in a western setting.

    My original Game of the Year was Mass Effect 2 but after waiting for this game for over a year and finally getting to play it and experiencing its scale - which is twice the size as San Andreas - it's defintely my favorite game of the year. Buy it now!!

  6.  One of the greatest films of all time


    It's hard to think of a film made over ten years ago that's still incredibly relevant today, but La Haine is definitely one of them and not just because of the 2005 French Riots. Because this film isn't just looking at the situation in Paris or in France it's asking what happens when a country ignores a whole mass of people. The answer is presented through our three lead characters, Vinz, Said and Hubert each from a different background but all living on the same estate in Paris. Neither of them are bad people, but with no one to guide them, the only things they are know are drugs and violence. The situation is exacerbated by the brutal actions of the police which further alienates the three from society. In fact it's kind of worrying when you think how many cities this film could be set in, London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Berlin, Sydney, the list goes on.

    All of this is presented in just one day in the lives of these three, following a riot on their estate. Vinz is out for revenge while Hubert is trying to work his way out of the neighbourhood. The story is told more like a documentary but with some comic elements in a few places. But all of this builds up to an ending that will leave you on the edge of your seat long after the credits have rolled.

    You'll defintely love tis if you've already watched City of God.

  7.  Best gaming console of this generation


    This is my second PS3 now, the first being a Japanese launch 60GB back in '06. There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said, this is simply the best console out right now. The games are amazing and showcases the PS3's Cell Processor in full effect when combined with a HDTV. The Blu-Ray which is sold for about the same price as the PS3 comes built in. There's built in wireless connection with a web browser as added bonus. If you have a PSP, you can opt for remote play meaning you can control your PS3 from your PSP apart from games and movies - which means you can watch YouTube, something you can't so with the regular PSP web browser.

    The PlayStation 2 managed to introduce DVD into the average household, the PS3 is doing the same with the powerful Blu-Ray. And even if you decide not to purchase any Blu-Rays, your DVD collection will still play well on the PS3 with the new DVD Upscaler.

    All in all, this is THE console to have. Remember to keep in ventilated and upgrade your warranty every year to avoid the expensive repairs Sony is offering at the moment.

  8.  Outstanding product


    I honestly would recommend you to buy this. I'm the type of person that settles for high-end gadgets or products with a bigger price tag as it always is synonmous with quality, but after purchasing this product, I've come to realize that having a smaller price tag doesn't necessarily mean it's faulty or bad. I bought two of these cables and I can honestly say that it takes full advantage of my HDTV and the picture quality is as crisp as it can ever be. So don't be discouraged by the low price, it's definitely worth buying and will give you the same picture quality as the high-end ones.


  9.  BUY THIS NOW!!!


    This is honestly the best investment you'll make until you get a bigger TV. This TV for some reason supports 1080p and although I can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 32", the picture quality is absolutely stunning. The clarity is out of this world, even before tweaking it to your liking. I've plugged it in to my Xbox 360 and PS3 and I am blown away by it. Games like GTA IV, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and Fallout 3 look so realistic, you'll feel as though you're looking out through a window, or better yet you're sitting in a movie theatre. I expect a TV like this to sell wihin the 500 range, but since there's a recession and numerious cut backs to HDTVs, now's the time to buy one, and this TV is on top of the list. BUT IT NOW!!!!