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  1.  not down and out yet. even after 7 seasons


    another fantastic season from the Supernatural team. Watched since the very beginning and it never fails to entertain. Some serious bits, some comedy scenes, and a sad scene as well. I think the team who wrote the description should be sacked for throwing a spoiler. Those who haven't read the description and haven't seen the show don't read the description. it contains a spoiler, unless Play,com see this and choose to change their description.
    Nevertheless, an awesome series but the ending is a bit weak.
    It still gets 5* though, and it will always get 5*.

  2.  confused.com


    I bought this to take on holiday in September 2012 and started reading it at the end of September 2012. I finished it New Years Eve 2012. Not that I'm a slow reader at all. I found the story quite "out there" and somewhat confusing. Character plots jumping here and there. some characters getting introduced into the story at the beginning of the story then only reading about them again at the end. No-one knowing what happens to them in between. In view of it taking me so long to read this book I may have to give it another go to try understand it better. Dean Koontz isn't a bad writer but this isn't one of his best. Sorry. Maybe once I re-read it in the future I may change my view. But until then it stays like this.

  3.  excellent series


    I've watched this from the very beginning. I love the witty banter between Myka and Pete, then there's the working relationship between Claudia and newcomer Steve "Jinksy" Jinks (aka Jimmy from Smallville) which is brilliant. Claudia and Pete have some fantastic, and sometimes sarcastic, one liners. Not forgetting old faithful Artie keeping them all in check, and acting as the adoptive father figure for Claudia.

    Some episodes are edge of your seat, and some have the fun factor. If I remember I think there's another cross over with A Town Called Eureka (because I think they did a 2part series crossover). We also get to meet Pete's mum (none other than Captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager) and that's all I will say on that. No spoilers.

    The season finale is a brilliant cliffhanger paving the way for season 4, (which may I add has started off very well).

    This is a series to watch. Once you're in the Warehouse you can never leave.

  4.  worth watching


    I love horror movies, and the one's I love the most are the one's that have you gripped to the edge of your seat, have jumpy moments, and make you feel freaked afterwards. 2 films managed to do that (Candyman 1 and Paranormal Activity 2) until today. This is going on the list. If it didn't have a couple of predictive moments, and a slight weak ending I would have given it 5*. I watched this during the day which kind of hindered the viewing. Most of the movie is shot in the dark so I may have to watch it again after dark to get a better perspective.

  5.  Keane are back and better than ever


    There's a reason why they've been off the radar these past 3 years and it was to make the album of all albums. This album is the best they have done. There isn't any bad tracks on it whatsoever.
    For 12.99 you would expect to get better casing but with 16 absolute stonking tracks (only 12 on the normal edition) it is well worth it paying the extra few quid.
    My personal favourites are Sovereign Light Cafe, and and On the Road. Neon River and Silenced by the Night both come in at a close 3rd.
    But don't let me influence you. Buy this album and you be the judge. I can almost certainly guarantee that you won't be disappointed.
    I just wish that they would release a live album now. Studio recordings don't show off Tom's vocal talent. The bloke is a legend in my eyes.

  6.  brilliant for a small speaker


    This item is the best fiver I've ever spent. Small but very effective. Very portable, lightweight, and very good sound quality for a tiny thing.

  7.  funny......very very funny


    Love this show. Season 2 is just as funny as the 1st. well worth the investment. as with all tv programmes there will always be a bad egg episode but still 1 bad one out of a tonne of brilliantly funny ones is worth it.

  8.  The Muppets are BACK to rule 4eva


    It's been a muppet movie long overdue. absolutely fantastic. Glad to see all the gang back together again, plus loads of cameos, Whoopi Goldberg, Jack Black, Selena Gomez, to name a few. Spent most of the film with stomach cramps and breathing difficulties from laughing too much. Can't wait for the DVD to be released. Muppets Rule.

  9.  Love these shirts but this must have kryptonite in it.


    I have 3 Superman shirts (the original, 1 black with Silver S and 1 black with Red S). All of them are fantastic to wear and they all wash very well except for this one. unfortunately, after the 1st wash it lost its shape and a lot of colour. now it looks quite cheap. don't get me wrong it's still a good shirt if want to collect them all but this only is good enough for painting in now instead of going out in. sorry folks



    This show is so funny. like all shows it has a couple of off episodes but otherwise it's magic. Courney Cox plays Jules perfectly. If you haven't watched it before it is well worth starting to as soon as you can. I promise you will not be disappointed.