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  1.  Great to use


    Great use , light in your hand , easy to clean , helps me stop picking me nose , as once the hairs gone ...no itchy !

  2.  Smallviles last season number 10


    After catching up with Season 7 then 8...then ...9. i was like WOW.
    strength in number of heroes , the twists and turns to link story's .
    And to give that Comic feel to it , was well as a modern way .
    i always wish my powers ....would be shape shift , animals , control animals. But sadly no Kriptonite rock to give me that . So i wait for number TEN Season . been great Following the story .
    Maybe there's a follow on In a Different Title . best things come to those Who wait.

  3.  Box says Water resistant


    So as My older Ear-bud headphone broke on me , all ways one side is Silent, plus I lost the plastic bit to fit in ear .
    THESE baby's are GREAT very comfy on back of ear , with the Spring plastic it's great and Fits great in the ear. What Ever colour you get its worth the buy . great find and Buy

  4.  A Must chillout music tunes


    You have classic tunes here by great artitst.

    Brian eno/ goldfrapp, ...more great songs that relax you .
    When i was a radio presenter, i played many late night tunes of these great PURE chillout music
    A MUST BUY worth the money . ENJOY.....and chill-out.......

  5.  comfy fit nice in the ears.....


    Great For under 20 quid this is great......and no more tangled wire......foam ..feel wire that ...is tangle free ....comes with change able plastic ear hold...nice ..great quality .......love it !

  6.  westworld themePark


    I Remember watching this...the diffrent themed area....and the robots.....Cool.....great work put into the film a MUST Buy!

    Specaily when .....What i can remember...a Man goe's down into abasment....to ' save' a girl from tied up ! great scene that was ! made me JUMP !

  7.  Animals screeem when the aleins where near them


    1984.....I was 14 years old when this was on TV ! .....really late at night for a 14 year old boy to stay up at around midnight to watch V loved it......i kept wondering why the animals went CRAZY ! when they saw the ' Humaniod' ALIENS ! ....will Not spol it ....a great buy to have of great 80's Film......many kids in my class would be tired......you should of seen the look of my boloigy teacher when i talked about it .......hehehehehehe...LOVE IT !

  8.  Grant37


    cannot remember But Have had the Play.com 512mb mp3 player with me for a while now and relly wanted a higher memory for extra songs....if you like me and your head explodes with ...all this 2gb...1...gb.. ect.....I personlly just want some basic sound in my head and this is it....with 4 gb...WOW i can now really get my C.D's out and Burn some great old school house tunes.....and some great Chhill-out ...whith the usb port ..i just plug it right into my P.C. useing windows media .....Brilliant.

  9.  Classic Film tunes !!


    The only reson i give it less than one star is the fact i got a few on other Film c.d. box sets
    This one looks great some COOL classics.......superman...jaws......as a DJ i allways like to be just that little bit specail with some tunes and play film tunes. Or/And Just chilloing out at home and think of the great film clips as you listien.

  10.  Top Actor's AND directors ect ect ect.....


    Top Actors and actreses....Top DIRECTORS like alfred hitcock !
    My best Film HARVEY...second best REAR WINDOW.
    Not just the western films But 'Jimmy' did cartoon voice over work too...can not remeber the film name but he did a DOG cartoon voice. The man is a legend.