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  1.  Boring


    Don't get me wrong. For those of you that love anything Japanese you would probably love this ( you know who you are).
    But if your like me and like a 'good' Japanese horror without so much pathetic acting this isn't the film for you...

  2.  Seriously ?


    This was a total waste of time to watch. I love thrillers and crime films. But this is just too pathetic

  3.  Took ages


    Took ages to get actually into the main story. The last 10 minutes were obvious. Pretty boring to be honest..

  4.  Brilliant


    Just did a 24 weekend, very good season. Can't wait for Season 7. I would recommend this even if you haven't seen any of the others, but then again it would help ;)

  5. Sloe Gin

    Sloe Gin

    Joe Bonamassa - CD

    14 New from  £10.19  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.99

     Another Fantastic CD by Joe


    Kick-ass CD by Joe matches up to all his others with some cool songs and nice blues solos and techniques. Refreshing modern look at rock/blues from the expert himself.

  6.  Good as usual


    Use to play 3,4 and 5 on a mixture of the GameCube and N64. Still very good with some very funny mini games. I hoped for some more classic mini games but they are all fun anyhow.
    The only problem i have found is that the boards have changed. The Donkey Kong board has the same layout as the orginal but it has some new boards with some new ideas, may just need getting use to. 2nd best game for Wii, on par with Rayman Raving Rabbids.
    Up to 4 players can play together.
    You do NOT need nunchucks for this game. So 4 WiiMotes do the trick fine :)

  7.  Best game on the Wii


    This game is definately one of the best games on the Wii, its comedy is utterly amazing. It kept me and my mate playing for hours into the night with still alot of multiplayer gameplay and unlocking left to do.
    If you have a Wii and dont have this game, you are missing out big time..

  8.  Good Game :)


    Good controls, very fun multiplayer. But you cant unlock recipes as you play with mates.
    Its is pretty much a manga-ish type cooking simulator. One of the better games on the wii.

  9.  Correction,


    This game has got a multiplayer mode, but it is only versus mode. Which means its 1 v 1. No CPU players.
    Good game, better than the 4x4 world circuit by far.

  10. Eledees


    Nintendo Wii

    2 New from  £9.80  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.37

     Good but, not all that


    As for many of the Wii games, this one is made for kids. Singleplayer is repeatative and mutliplayer hasn't got enough modes to make it worth while. Its just literally blast them. Funny for the first play, but i will never play it again.