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  1. FIFA 14

    FIFA 14

    Xbox 360

    9 New from  £24.05  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.30

     Not even worth a 1 star


    Unfortunately for 360 and PS3 owners they have been punished by a rather awful marketing strategy, the graphics have been downgraded significantly to make the latest PS4 and Xbox one look miles better, to force consumers to upgrade, all you need to do is compare Fifa 13 on 360, PS3 to that of 14 on the Xbox one and PS4 you will see that apart from the crowd and the odd improvements these 2 are closer in graphics and gameplay. Meaning the latest gen versions follow up on Fifa 13. Do not buy Fifa14 unless you have a PS4 or Xbox one, do what I done and just manually change the Fifa 13 team rosters to match 14 and you will be happier.

  2.  Superb


    Suprised Brannagh can direct an Action-Hero movie, Love this movie, have to love Anthony Hopkins, main characters are developed extremely well, even allows the viewer to feel some sympathy for Loki the main Villain. Superb!

  3.  Tidy console will only get better


    Being a gaming fanatic I purchased this to replace my wii, you can transfer all your old dl content from old wii to new and Graphics are on par with if not slightly sharper than Xbox 360 and PS3. I own many consoles and to the person who reviewed it 1 star that is a joke, PS Vita isn't very good admittedly but that in itself can only get better if it has time. This console aims to be innovative and its doing a fine Job, i do prefer my Xbox 360 for the more pick up and play games but this is for those family nights. I would have given it 4 star but I added the extra to make up for the 1star review. :-)

  4.  Quality but buy elsewhere


    Amazing quality however 17.99 on other sites, new with free delivery. I made mistake of not shopping around.

  5.  Better than expected


    I was anticipating a real poor game but at 5quid I thought I can afford to throw it away for the Duke, I've loved the old Nukem so figured I would go in with low expectations following the reviews I have read, but was suprised to find a real gem. This game doesn't pretend to be the best of the rest, graphics wise especially, it is what it is, fun! Decent controls and enough to keep fans happy.

  6.  A**


    Performs really well, quick disc load, upscales as good as you can get. Quiet, slim and good looking design. All in all it is a bargain, online features are good even if this player doesn't feature as much as the higher priced models, the menu promises 3D soon but tbh I'm not a fan of 3D at home, only certain movies have pulled it off in the cinema, just a fan of crisp clear picture and sound, which I didn't get from my PS3.



    Most FPS games, probably all of them allow your character to crouch or go prone, this would help avoid being shot at or attacked when you want to use stealth, However this game does not have that feature, it may as well remove the look around also and then be similar to Alien Trilogy on the Original Playstation. This is far from a classic.