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  1.  Beautiful!


    This album was mostly recorded during the making of Blood Sugar Sex Magik. The second half of the CD- Usually Just a T-Shirt- is made up of untitled tracks, some of which, his then-girlfriend Toni Oswald does some vocal work on. 'Running Away Into You' was the last song recorded for the album (he had left the Chilis by then).

    The instrumental outro on the song Mascara is 'Outside Space' and can be found on the b-side of the rare vinyl release of Estress (a song from his album Smile From The Streets You Hold).

    Another song recorded from these sessions is 'Ants' which appeared on the cassette release of the album.

    The setup is simple- some acoustic guitars, electric guitar, some distortion and a piano, but the songs are all excellent. The guitar-work on tracks like Skin Blues, Untitled #6/7 and #10 is catchy, and the best songs on the album (in my opinion) are Mascara, Running Away into You, Curtains and Untitled #12. It may take getting used to after listening to John Frusciante's other music, but musically and creatively it's head and shoulders above his other albums.

  2.  ICPs Best Album?


    If you like rap/rock crossovers, you have to get this album. If you like ICP, you already have this album :)

    The thing with ICP, is their style is unforgettable. The background bass/guitar riffs are catchy, and the lyrics are entertaining, funny and memorable. They stand out in a similar way to Cypress Hill- they've got the blend of rap, music and humour perfect.

    I disagree with the other reviewer about the last track- in my opinion, it's okay, but in no way as good as the other songs on the album. Piggie Pie, Hellejulah, Boogie Man, How Many Times, The Neden Game and House of Horrors will all have you in stitches.

    If there was a six star rating, I'd give it to this album. It's not to everyone's taste, but it is so catchy. You'll be whistling every chorus to every song.

    PS- if you like Piggie Pie, there's a neat version of it on the 1st Forgotten Freshness CD.

  3.  One Hot Album!


    After the flawless Blood Sugar Sex Magik, many fans claimed to be disappointed with One Hot Minute upon its release. John Frusciante's position had been filled with Janes Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, and the Chilis had gone from funk-rock to something a lot darker.

    One Hot Minute's stand out tracks would be Aeroplane (I'm yet to find a single person, a fan of RHCP or otherwise, who can say they dislike this track- Navarro's solo at the end is perfect) and My Friends, which were both release as singles. The rest of the album is very good, but not quite up to the calibre of Blood Sugar Sex Magik- but then, few albums have ever been.

    The final track, Transcending is a tribute to the late River Phoenix, whilst many of the other tracks were clearly influenced lyrics-wise by Anthony Kiedis's struggle with drug addiction, and presumably his pain at seeing ex-guitarist John Frusciante deteriorate with an addiction of his own.

    In all, beautiful guitar playing, very dark lyrics and great songs. It might not be Blood Sugar Sex Magik or Stadium Arcadium, but this album still deserves a place in your music collection.

  4.  Pre-John Frusciante Yet Still a Great Album


    Hillel Slovak was the Chilis guitarist for this album. Most current Chilis fans know the Red Hot Chili Peppers mainly for their albums written with John Frusciante on board, but no one can call themselves a fan and not own this album.

    Hillel Slovak was a great inspiration to John Frusciante, and his fun, funky Hendrix-esque guitar playing is very distinctive.

    Uplift Mofo Party Plan is a fun album. Fight Like a Brave, Me and My Friends, Backwoods and Secret Song Inside (aka Party on your P****) are RHCP classics. This album has a sound that makes you think the Chilis were a lot more light-hearted during this era- the lyrics are more cheesy, silly, even, the guitar and bass fast and funky.

    Ever since Mothers Milk, the Chilis music has addressed drug addiction and death and the pain of Hillel Slovak's death, River Phoenix's death and the addictions of John Frusciante and Anthony Kiedis. Here, in happier times for Anthony and Flea, it's all fun, games and funk.

  5.  Every guitarist needs to be able to play this album!


    As much as I love rock music in general, it's pretty boring playing songs based almost entirely of power chords. The Chilis blend of rock and funk is perfect, and this album is incredible fun to play, from John Frusciante's solo on "If You Had to Ask", to the funky riffs of "Funky Monks".

    Only downside is, I think Breaking the Girl hasn't been tabbed correctly- the tuning on the record is different + is played on a 12 string. The tablature they offer for this song is adequate though (when played with a capo on the 4th fret).

    If you're not advanced enough to learn by ear, then you need this! It makes such an impact to your playing being able to play Chili songs if you're used to playing Nirvana and Green Day- you just have to hear Under the Bridge to hear how John was inspired by Hendrix.

  6.  Superb Album!


    I'm a long time Chilis fan, and was a fan of the early John Frusciante guitar-playing (Mothers Milk, Blood Sugar Sex Magik). When he left the Chilis, they only had the one album "One Hot Minute" with guitarist Dave Navarro, and although a good album, you felt John's absence in their songwriting.

    Then, John recovered from the heroin addiction that almost killed him to come back for the excellent Californication and By The Way albums.

    Just when you thought it was impossible for John's playing to become even more incredible, we now have Stadium Arcadium. You just have to listen to the solos from Dani California and Torture Me to hear why he treats his playing like true art.

    This album is so addictive and worth the price for Hump De Dump alone!

    John fans- check out his solo album Niandra Lades/Usually Just a T-Shirt for some really eerily beautiful playing. If you can get hold of Smile From the Streets You Hold (recorded during his addiction), there are some really heartfelt lyrics in there.