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  1.  Great


    I got a lot of enjoyment out of playing this, I was sceptical at first since I read a lot of bad reviews on large gaming sites but it seems those websites were incorrect as I found this to be one of the best games I've played in a very long time.

    The bosses require thought and you need to figure out each weakness, button bashers will dislike this game instantly because you can't just spam... you need to think.

    The game has a few bugs which I won't go into as there aren't any spoiler tags on play.com

    Also you should get an email from play.com with the General Kota costume around 2-3 days after purchase.

    Great storyline, great graphics, good combat system and requires thought... it was exactly what I was looking for in a Star Wars next gen game.

    5/5 easily.

  2.  Great


    I always had the trouble of putting normal earphones into my ears as they'd never fit very well and when I saw this it solved all my problems.

    Fits great and looks great.

    One problem I have is the amount of wiring that comes with it... it's a bit much.. apart from that it's top notch.

  3.  Incredible


    I was searching for quite some time for a camera that had the quality of something expensive but was cheap... it seemed like a hopeless search until I came across this.

    Very easy to use features
    Incredible zooming (doesn't seem to lose any quality at all)
    Very good colours, my previous camera didn't pick no were near as many colours up as the Z1012 does

    Highly recommended.

  4.  Disagree


    I have to disagree with one or two reviews here, I thought it was fantastic as is everything Seth Macfarlane has been a part of including the creation of American Dad.

    If you love Family Guy, don't hesitate and buyyy ^_^

    If you hate Family Guy, read one or two reviews below this one and you'll see that someone recommended it even though they hate Family Guy :)

  5.  Great


    Been using this for about a year now and it hasn't failed me with any of the latest games such as Crysis. Highly recommended and the price is an absolute bargain :)

  6.  Hmmm


    For the price it is excellent but in my opinion it's a tad sensative. After playing around with it for a very long time I'm finally starting to get the hang of it.

  7.  Fun but..


    Very fun game... but only for a few weeks in my opinion but that's probably just me going by what others have said. For the PSP it's a fantastic game.

  8.  Does the job


    Cheap, very easy to set up and very very flexible to the point were you can fit it anywhere on your desk, monitor or anything else.

  9.  Oh my......


    I played Half Life 1 when I was quite young and I just never had the urge to play Half Life 2 even though the first was amazing for it's time and still is.

    I bought it a few days ago and I'm already hooked.

    Portal = One of the best games of all time, easily the best puzzle game in my opinion
    Half Life 2 - I've only just started and so far it's incredible, their attention to detail really shows.
    Team Fortress 2 - Not played it yet but that also looks incredible.

    A must buy for any FPS guy, even just for Portal on it's own.

  10.  In my opinion, the best puzzle game of all time.


    Portal is by far one of the best games of all time, even when you've heard so many things about this game before buying it you are constantly surprised by certain things. GlaDOS is by far one of the most believable villains in any game I've played in a very long time. It can one minute be slow paced thinking and the next you're moving very quick through your portals....

    One of the best features of this game is the audio... the voices used are simply outstanding and the music is probably the best I've heard in any video game.. especially at 4000 degrees Kelvin (You'll see what I mean ^_^)

    Don't like puzzle games? Buy it any way and I'm pretty positive you'll enjoy it.