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  1.  Not for the faint hearted


    This was a hard film to review, i cant really suggest that anyone should go and watch it because only a select group well get past the hour mark, the acting is solid, its directed quite well, and the story is a little uninspired but engaging enough mostly because of the sense of menace created in the first act of the movie, so far, so good. However, the end of the second act and the entire third act contain some of the most twisted and horrific acts I've seen in legitimate cinema.

    If you're the kind of person who watched 'hostel' and thought "that was for pansies, give something hardcore" give this a try, if on the other hand you find your shocks in fare like Friday the 13th, I STRONGLY consider you look elsewhere.

    I enjoyed the film as, i was shocked in the right places, had a few chuckles at the fake porn stuff in the film, and wasn't bored during the runtime, but your average viewer will be a hard sell on this.

  2.  The Spanish Shawshank Redemption


    Although probably otherwise conceived, the first association you'll have with this film is that of The Shawshank Redemption. Nevertheless this isn't just a remake or (worse still) cheap copy of that humdrum piece of cinema. The story develops around Malamadre, a small criminal who turns out to be a homosexual. However he gets caught along the railway time after time, being sentenced to longer terms and send to heavier guarded prisons again and again.

    Only his warden sees through this, wondering why somebody so capable of escape is being caught that easily. Even after he's being promoted and starts working for the Ministry of Justice his interest for Malamadre stays. When surveying prisons because of the outbreaks he sees him again on the Prison Yard, from where nobody has yet escaped. Will he try once more, or are there other motives to him for being there? This movie depicts a grim picture of life in prison, with cruel guards beating inmates over everything. You'll feel sympathy for Malamadre because of it, even when his behavior seems stupid enough. However when his real goal is revealed, you really want him to succeed.

  3.  Scott Pilgrim Rocks!!!


    By far my favourite movie ever. This particular movie did not get the best reviews by movie critics, but recently I have found that a good 50% of movies that critics rave about tend to be just awful while movies they claim are terrible are actually good.

    Who should and should not see this movie? This movie is NOT for people who: do not like videogames, do not like dry or slap-stick humor, hate slightly sexual scenes, only find bathroom humor funny, and/or people who hate anything even slightly romantic.

    This movie IS for: anyone who has ever played videogames and liked them, anyone who likes funny/silly movies, anyone who likes fight scenes, and anyone who enjoys a little romance in their movies.

    The movie is filled with video game references. If you are a video game nerd (like me), you will love it. Zelda music is used quite a bit, as well as many other well-known music in the gaming world like Mario and Final Fantasy. A lot of video game themes are also used, for instance there is a part in the movie where one of the characters says to Scott, "Where are you going?" and Scott, after looking up to see a 2D cartoon-version of his face revolving in the air next to him, snatches it (the cartoon face disappears to be replaced by word "1-UP") and responds, "To get a life." Things like this are all throughout the movie and you will find yourself thoroughly enjoying their incorporation. This movie is also full of fight scenes, which are done in a very Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat fashion.

    Everything about this movie was done extremely well. I can find no fault with it. It is just a wonderful movie. If you haven't seen it and you fit under the "This movie IS for" description above, go see it. You will not be disappointed.

  4.  This is a thriller, not a horror


    I'm mystified by some of the negative reviews I've seen for this movie. Perhaps people were expecting a horror film? That's not at all what After.Life aspires to be. It's a thriller with supernatural elements. And the criticisms of ambiguity are even more baffling. If you're capable of paying a moderate amount of attention while watching, the events of the movie and the ending are quite clear.

    While the film did have a few editing errors, the dialgoue was occasionally clunky, and some people may be put off by some of the questionable decisions that Anna makes, I thought this was a solid movie. The premise was interesting, and I always find Christina Ricci to be a fine actress, when given decent material. There were points in the movie where I was actually riveted. I'll admit that After.Life requires you to keep your suspension of disbelief handy, but I thought it was well worth the effort.

    I passionately recommend that anyone who's interested gives After.Life a try. Just please be warned, I repeat, this is NOT a horror movie. Some people may feel that it's slow-paced, but I never found it to be even slightly dull. The pace suited the story perfectly. Most importantly, you have to pay attention if you want to avoid the confusion that so many people seem to have inexplicably suffered from.

  5.  Solid Sci-Fi Thriller


    Surrogates is a highly entertaining but ultimately flawed movie due to it's reliance on formula. But it's idea is solid and it's execution is very thought out. So why id it that this film fell flat on it's face? Well there are three good reasons for it: 1.) It' story while entertaining and fresh has been done far too many times before to count. 2.) it's heavy on the action and look and feel of the film but the film crew throw out the idea of giving this movie a well written script and thought that action and eye candy could save it from being a failure, but sad to say it didn't. 3.) The wooden acting from most the cast really brings down the film's production value and makes this almost hard to watch. But if your forgiving and can get over the lousy acting by most of the supporting cast, then I can promise you that this film will give you a good, high tech thrill ride.

  6.  A thirst for love and blood


    Every scene throughout this film was obviously meticulously and painstakingly shot, giving the movie an overall beautiful texture with lustrous backdrops and great shots.

    The length of the movie, around 2:13, might seem a bit long but there is not a single boring moment during the entirety of the film. The reason for this is because the movie itself is basically divided into three different sub-plots, the theme for the first is about faith, the 2nd is about guilt, and the third is about the paradox of the correlation of love, betrayal, and inevitability.

    There are several gritty scenes of sex and gore, but this is most definitely NOT an action or thriller flick, this movie is very human, focusing on the irony of happiness.

  7.  First movie that has ever physically affected me


    By now, I am sure many of you have seen or at least heard of the ultra low-budget horror film that is Paranormal Activity. I must say that I found it to be not necessarily shocking but more disturbing and unsettling, which is I bet exactly what the director intended to do.

    The couple are believable, the hand held camera angle works here and the fear will set in. I applaud Paranormal Activity, for not only becoming an unheard of success, but for being one of the creepiest films I've ever seen.

  8.  Colin McCrazy


    This movie is just awesome, and is what so many other horror films try and fail to achieve - its scary, its eerie, its grainily shot which adds to the eeriness and it tells a story from the different perspective. The story is clever and even builds a relationship between zombie and viewer. It was obviously shot on a very tight budget but so many great horror films were, even so it looks good and is well acted, even tho dialogue is kept at a minimum (PROBABLY BECAUSE ZOMBIES CAN'T SPEAK). The film benefits from not known actors to distract from the action and horror.

    One of the better Zombie films about... a must see.

  9.  Plane Jane


    The story is crafted very well. Indeed. Told from the point of view of the around the world flight, with flashbacks to Amelia's earlier memories and struggles flying and promoting herself as a Pilot.

    A lot of important early aviation history was woven into the film. And, where did the producers get all of those rare airplanes. I know some are CGI and some are models. All of the Airplanes had Round engines. Real Airplanes have round engines and sometimes 2 wings. I live in San Luis Obispo and there is a Lockheed L-10 just like Amelia's plane based at Santa Maria airport along with a Lockheed L-12 the smaller version of the L-10. I have seen the L-12 but the lady who owns the L-10 keeps it under wraps.

    Probably one of those films that you only watch once, nevertheless worth a watch.

  10.  Electric Blue


    Strong performances from the whole cast especially Biel; she truly does shine in her pole dancing hooker role. Whitaker of course, who enjoys pulling on the heart strings, puts in another perfect performance. This is only Director Timothy Linh Bui's second outing in the chair so I has to be said - he got some spot on performances from his cast and it's a shame this film wasn't more widely appreciated.

    The film did have a strong feeling of resemblance to The 'Air I Breath' and 'Crash'. Possibly the director took his inspiration from there, but never the less the movie was very unique in its own right and did make you remember how closely our lives are linked and how with all the chaos and sadness in the world, miracles happen every day. We're just too caught up in it all to see them.

    Enjoy the movie, it's definitely worth the watch.