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  1.  WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!


    Went to see this film thinking its was going to be rubbish,how wrong was i.Sat there like a little kid and loved every bit just turn off your brain and watch it. It was like when i saw star wars the first time back in there early 80s,even better then the over blown transformers sequel.



    A modern day classic,go see this movie,great story and great visual effects no wonder the director was chosen to direct the maybe halo movie.Up there with star trek for film of the year 2009 cant wait to see it again.

  3.  CGI MONKEYS DO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Worst film ive seen this year,lucas has lost is touch and needs to make a film without a computer to make his dodgy backgrounds.Dark knight now thats how you make a summer blockbuster weep in envy lucas.

  4.  BOATS AND HOES!!!!!!!


    IF you love will ferrall this film is for you,its so funny,cant wait to see it again.The music video in the middle of the film is pure class.

  5.  IRON MAN RULES!!!!!!!


    Import this now from play.com usa as this is already out in america and will work on an english player.fantastic comic book movie.all hale the downy!!!!

  6.  LIFES SHORT STUNT IT!!!!!!!!!


    A real lost gem of a film,a really funny film with a very unknown cast and a great 80s rock sound track.First watch the trailer and if you laugh buy the film...COOL BEANS.

  7.  BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!!!!!!!


    What a film,a rollercoaster of action drama and terror jj abrams touch of genuis does it again.Its a mixed of blair witch meets godzilla BUT so much better got to be one of the films of the year so far.SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8.  WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!


    What a bad game,played this game for 10 minutes and was so disappointed,lazy progamming bad controls,and the graphics look like they should be on a spectrum.Do yourself a favour buy call of duty 4 or assassins creed,ive already traded my copy in.WORST VIDEO GAME EVER!!!!!

  9.  fantastic what a film!!!!!!!


    What a great summer blockbuster,thats how you make a family action film.Cant wait for this to come out on hd,if you have a xbox 360 hddvd drive you can play american disks on it,because if you go on playusa the film is being released on october the 16th and in england not till december.Already pre-orded my copy just a few weeks to wait.