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  1.  Best pair of earphones I've ever bought


    I've had several pairs of earphones over the years, including some rather expensive pairs. But I'd have to say that these are the best I've experienced in terms of performance and value. Sound is rich and full-bodied, not tinny and weak like some of the competition. And unlike some of the competition, the bass reproduction is just right, not over the top at the expense of the treble and midranges.

    As for some of the other reviewers advising that they only last 6 months - take good care of them, and they last ages! All earphones can have a tendency to have breaks in the wires (and thus loss of sound) if the cable is stretched or mishandled, and these are no different, but I managed to get 3 years out of my pair of Sony earphones before they finally gave up.

    Definitely worth the investment!

  2.  Bonus Features... Finally!


    It's a fantastic film, and in High-Definition, looks and sounds amazing. And what Disney should be congratulated on is the fact that there's bonus features! Okay, so most of them are taken directly from the DVD release, and therefore are in SD format, but it's a move in the right direction - too many High Definition movies are being released at a premium, with an expectation that a trailer, and commentary will be enough. It isn't. All I'll say to the film studios is, more like this please!

  3.  Disappointing - much better products on the market!


    I bought these headphones 8 months ago as a replacement for the excellent Sony MDR-EX71SL headphones that after 3 years of daily use, finally had to be laid to rest. I chose the Sennheiser brand due to a good reputation, and for a comparison to the Sony headphones I'd been using.

    And as a comparison the CX 300s only provide disappointment in abundance. I originally bought the Sonys for £34.99, and so when I saw these for £29.99 some months ago, I thought they seemed of a comparable value. However, the difference in quality is astonishing!

    Firstly the sound quality is not the worst I've heard, but at high volumes the CX 300s show they're a one-trick pony. Bass, bass, more bass, and little else is what they excel at. Treble and mid-ranges are second-best and sound tinny at the side of the deep bass. There's also a hint of distortion at high volume levels. At low to mid volume levels, the CX 300s provide an adequate quality of sound, yet due to the poor noise cancellation, this may not always be an option. The Sonys in comparison although not quite as powerful (read this as a good thing), provided a rich, deep sound at all volume levels.

    The build quality is also questionable in the CX 300s. After 6 months of use, they started falling apart, and coupled with the poor sound quality I am now choosing to replace them with the Creative Zen Aurvanas.

    The CX 300s also don't offer a short lead, for connecting to command devices, something the Sonys incorporate - a nice, albeit non-essential feature that is lacking here!

    In all areas, including sound & build quality, value for money, noise cancellation, the CX 300s are beaten by the far superior Sony MDR-EX71SL headphones.

    Having not yet heard the quality of the Creative Aurvanas, I'd go for the Sony MDR-EX71SL headphones - they're much, much better!