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  1.  Cheap tat


    This is of such poor quality I have thrown it straight in the bin. I could go into details but it's not worth the words. Badly made bits which don't realy fit togeather falling apart within minutes.



    There is no need to use the supplied software, Microsoft has quite good transfer application built in. If you are having a problem then this issue is the PC not the camera. If you are having quality issues then check the settings and the options you are using. This is not the best camera stright out of the box on the default settings and in auto. Take a couple of minutes to get it right and it take realy fine pictures.

  3.  Caranvan


    I might have bought this because of the title all those years ago, but I never regreted it. Here was an album which was so differant than anything I had hear before. I could not discribe the sound to you. Wall of sound for prod rock? Folk music played by orcastra? To me it was amazing production with rude lyrics and no real form to the songs. More instramental then songs. Well it remains one of my favorat albums. Don't get the best of because realy this is the best they ever did.

  4.  Quality


    When the original hit the streets Punk changed. Now you could have quality and punk. The strenth and the raw power was there but with quality production as well. Well played, it upped the bar and a lot of bands could not live with the presure.

  5.  Top draw


    What a lovely little thing. Big sound from a little sliver of extronics. Easy to use with the same simple controls of other sony players. But now it's MP3 and Sony supply a converter. Be aware that the converter can play around with some albums particully collections. Supplied ear phones are also great. I read some place that somebody was not happy with the loudness and bass. If that is your problem with this then you need medical help and you are only weeks away from complete deafness.

  6.  Excelent read


    Jim starts out as a calow youth but the closer he comes to revealing the villen the more he grows to be a young man. He discovers himself as each step in the plot progresses. All this is set agains the grit and grime of 1900's London a world he only half understands.

  7.  installing


    Still not able to play the game due to installing errors. There seems to be recuring problems with a few files 'voice1.dat' being the most common. If you have any dobts about your original install then hold off as this expanshion pack does seem to be flaky.