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  1.  Beautiful, Uplifting Music


    I highly recommend this album. Beautiful voices, emotional performances and lovely arrangements of some classic songs.

  2.  Best Version By Far


    As someone who loves the diary, this is the best dramatisation I've seen. Every episode mixes humour and drama and you go through so many emotions. Ellie Kendrick is outstanding as Anne and the rest of the cast are brilliant too. The crucial final scenes are done perfectly- terrifying, emotional and not in the least sensational or sentimental.

  3.  Tetris At Its Best!


    For Tetris-addicts like me, this is a real treat. The classic Tetris mode is Tetris at its best, brilliant colours with classic Nintendo tunes and Mario graphics. He advances through levels on the top screen as you clear lines.
    Although it's frustrating, I'm also glad that it's virtually cheat-proof. You can only access levels/music when you earn them and the best music of all- the original Tetris theme- is saved until last.
    There's loads more besides original Tetris and the new games are great. 'Touch' mode incorporates the stylus while 'Mission' really tests and hones your skills. If you're a serious player, buy this.

  4.  Loved it!


    John's second book is just as good as his first. The family stories and photos are lovely and there's some great showbiz stories. The paperback version includes an extra chapter about John's roles in La Cage and Desperate Housewives and some more photos so I highly recommend it.

  5. Catz


    Nintendo DS

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     Only for kids!


    The graphics are quite good but Catz gets old fast. The cats don't need much care and the tasks seem to get less frequent as you go along. The song is irritating, too. It would be a good choice to introduce a little kid to computer games but anyone over about 7 will be bored to tears before long.

  6.  Brilliant!


    I've just received this album and love it! It was recorded live and if you've seen the show, it's like been back there again. Both Jodie Prenger and Rowan Atkinson appear and, fortunately, the best of the three child casts- the Tanners Team boys, Ross McCormack as Artful Dodger and the wonderful Laurence Jeffcoate as Oliver. The other two casts feature in the amazing, and very large, booklet.
    Even if you haven't seen the show, this is worth a listen, the only live recording of Oliver yet made.

  7.  Hauntingly Beautiful...


    9-year-old Bruno loves his beautiful home in Berlin, where he leads a happy life with his three best friends. One day Bruno gets back from school to find the family maid packing up his things. His Dad, who works for the 'Fury', has been given a new job and the whole family must move.
    Bruno's new home is called 'Outwith' and Bruno doesn't like it there. Then he makes friends with Shmuel, who is also 9 and shares Bruno's birthday. A deep secret friendship develops between Bruno and Schmuel, with unexpected consequences.
    This beautiful book will stay one step ahead of you all the way through, despite its simplicity, and linger in your mind.

  8.  Outstanding And Incredibly Special


    From her personal Heaven, which resembles the high school that she didn't live to attend, Susie Salmon narrates this beautiful and unique novel.
    Susie is 14, when she is brutally raped and murdered by one of her neighbours, after taking a shortcut home from junior high. As time passes, from then on, Susie watches her family and friends, as they struggle to come to terms with her death.
    As the years go by, at times angry and at times upset, trapped in her 'perfect world', Susie remains forever 14, unable to have what she desires most, for her to be alive and her murderer dead. Little does she know, that life still has one more surprise in store for her.
    This novel is incredibly well written and Alice Sebold's breathtaking prose will linger in your mind, long after you turn the last page.