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  1.  Not better than 1 but still a good action flick


    Jason Statham best known in "Snatch", "War" and "Crank" reprises the role of Frank Martin. This time...well actually there isnt anything new in plot. however, Jason Statham proves that british people can be action stars. he has to escort a girl but cannot leave the car too far as his wrist bomb will explode. so there are plenty of car scenes, and when he gets out of the car there is plenty of action. Statham is good in this kind of role and can fight as well as any eastern or american movie star.
    Watch this and be proud of this british martial artist

  2.  OK but there are better


    This is supposed to be a thriller and have a really good twist. well what annoyed me more than knowing the ending before it happened was that i have seen this movie before. and whats more annoying is that i cant remember the name or find it - someone please let me know what this film was (think it was Derailed and if so watch that move before Deception).
    Anyway, the film is about Ewan "Obi-Wan" McGregor who is a bored accountant who meets Hugh "Wolverine" Jackman, a man who is more exciting. Jackman intoduces McGregor to a world of sex where men get calls from women for one-night-stands (however these sex scenes are not erotic in the least and are so tame even you teenage kids could watch them and they would think them lame too). Soon McGregor meets a woman on this one-night-stand that he actually fancies and they start a relationship. however things take a bad turn and it turns out that no one is who they seem (i will try and not ruin the plot - but you'll be able to work it out quickly).
    If Derailed is the movie i think it is, watch that over this. infact watch Basic Instinct and its sequal over this for better twists and plot.

  3.  So funny


    I used to watch the original show (showing my age....i watched the repeats honest!) so i was expecting this to be really funny - i wasnt disapppointed. The series never really touched on how Smart became a spy, so it was nice to see him and 99 from the start. it was also nice to see Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson in a comedic movie that suited him (his action ones like Welcome to the Jungle are good but never thought comedy was his thing).
    You also see Masi (Hiro in the series Heroes) Oka in a role - and i have never seen him before Heroes.
    The story is about an anaylist called Max Samrt (Carell) who wants to be a spy. he passes the test and is sent on a mission with Agent 99 (Hathaway). Smart bumbles his way into solving the case and how it all unfolds is hilarious. Stamp is a really good villan and Dalip "Great Khali" Singh is a great henchman. There is even a cameo from Bill Murrey. I was in stitches, especially near the end with the swordfish through the window...if you watched it i bet you're smiling now LOL!

  4.  Amazing game that pushes DS to its limits


    I was blown away when i saw that the DS could handle animation. i didnt think it was powerful enough. from the first animation to the first puzzle you get hooked.
    Downside is, if you dont like puzzles then dont bother with this game. its puzzles with story rather than the other way around.
    I must admit, im not normally one for puzzles but this had me hooked. it has the old puzzles like crossing the river (used to be wolves and sheep but in this its wolves and chickens and need to get them across the river) and the Die Hard 3 puzzles too!!
    Play have got a hefty price tag of £30 (which is why i brought it cheaper elsewhere) but well worth the £20 pricemark.
    A great game showing that the DS is not just for kids, but for adults too.!

  5.  IPhone with extras


    If you liked the look of the Iphone but hated the price and the fact that the IPhone cant send MMS, then look at the LG Arena.
    This is the first LG i have ever owned. I always thought LG was a cheaper make than the big names (i have used Nokias, Samsung's and Sony Ericsons) but i am so impressed.
    It has Wifi, TV, radio, internet, qwerty keyboard (when held sideways), a snazzy spin display...and if you like music on your phone then this delivers too! great speakers and music player.
    OK, now the downside. While this is easy to basically use, if you want to do more indepth things you will need the book. this takes away from the Nokia's pick-up-&-play features which make them so attractive. the other thing is, i have big fingers so sometimes i'll be typing a text and i will be pressing the wrong letters. a pen would assist me with this problem.
    All in all, this is a great REPLACEMENT for the IPhone (which has many features missing to which this has) and will replace your MP3 player too. Well worth getting.

  6.  Surprisingly good!


    Whenever i think of Liam i think of weaker roles (like Qui Jon in starwars or Love Actually) but never did i think that he could pull of being a hard man! a real bad a$$. seriously, he looks and acts great in this. The story is good too. basically his daughter is taken, and since Liam plays an ex spy, he tracks down the people and beats the hell out of them. great action, acting and story. Its is brill and should be on your shelf!

  7.  More Bourne than Bond


    I watched Casino and thought "Yeah ok, this is how Bond may have started out" by making mistakes and not getting everything right, and that was fine. Then in Solace we see Bond as what he actually is...he is an assassin! he is not supposed to be all nicey-nicey, he is a spy and assassin. always has been.
    however, Bond is renowned for gadgets...there was none. its more Bourne than Bond. Yes i loved Bourne too but the public love Bond's gadgets.
    Great action film in its own right, but its time they make it more Bond now. Hopefully - since this is a prequel - he will be allowed so gadgets in the next one and perhaps Q will make an appearence...who knows.
    In summary: great action film. Not bad but would like it to be more Bond.

  8.  Bond but not as you know it.


    Wow mixed reviews. thought it only right that i add my two pence worth!
    Now some comments are about how Bond is not as good at shooting and fighting as the others...well this is a prequel. Bond is learning to be that good so i think that is actually a nice touch!
    What i did find strange is there was no Q or gadgets. it is very Bourne-esque and not at all like Bond. If this was a film in its own right it would have had rave reviews as it is a good action film.
    Not a true Bond as he doesnt seduce all the girls, have a bucket full of gadgets and say the words "shaken not stirred" but its a prequel and hopefully he will get there. Craig is pretty good in this too which i was surprised at as i wasnt expecting him to be. all in all not bad - but not the best Bond either.

  9.  "I am Ironman"


    Downey Jr has had his ups-&-downs but he was the best choice for this film. It is highly enjoyable and great scenes which make it a marvel to watch!
    Yes there could have been more to this film. more Ironman action or more scenes. but to be honest, this only makes u salivate for the sequal.
    Worth adding to your collection.
    Note: story glued after the credits ;) Avengers are coming!!
    This is also evident in Incredible Hulk

  10.  Mi3 delivers


    I was quite surprised when i watched this. When i was going to watch it i thought 1 thing. 1 was that "MI1 was story driven, MI2 was action, so what is MI3 going to be?" I have to be honest, when i first watched it i wasnt sure i liked it. then i watched it again and it is brilliant. If u like Bourne or 24 then you'll love this. This has a great story and has action all the way. Get all 3 for a great collection!
    Cheesy ending tho :P