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  1.  Stop Complaining!


    I bought this game about 2 months ago, and I go on it every day! Whenever I'm bored, I'll pick up my DS and have a good ol' game of Scrabble. All words the CPU uses are English, so stop complaining. The only qualm I have with this game is that the extra games, Anagrams and Escaletters, are too hard, even on the normal settings, and the Texas Hold 'Em game has no save option, so you lose your game half way through if there's something else you need to do.

  2.  Clubland Delivers!!!


    First of all, I got this album bought for me as a belated birthday present, and I must say, I am not disappointed. I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking that the Clubland albums have been slipping of late. Well, it's official. Clubland is BACK!!

    There are some amazing tunes on here, such as Manian's 'Welcome To The Club' and current high-rider in the charts, 'Infinity 2008' by Guru Josh Project.

    There's also some great covers, such as Michelle Branch's 'Everywhere', a1's 'Like A Rose, Chris Brown's 'Forever' and The Script's 'Man Who Can't Be Moved'.

    You will not regret buying this album!! 10/10

  3.  Amazing Singer, Amazing Album!


    This is a fantastic album! Every song is unique, and why she's not a huge star is beyond me. I love every song, although some do stand out more than others, such as Instead, powerful vocals on a touching song, and Tight, an upbeat R 'n' B tinged floorfiller.

    This album is a must have!

  4.  Good Album


    I was really impressed with this album. The first 5 songs are amazing. It gets a bit samey towards the end, but definitely a record to own.

  5.  Very Disappointed


    I bought this album because I love 'We Cry' and 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved'. I thought I was in for a treat, but it turns out that the only good songs onit are the singles they have already released. I was highly disappointed.

  6.  It was OK..... I suppose


    Well, the storyline was good enough, and there was no problem with the acting... but there just didn't seem to be enough happening. It moved along like a snail until the climatic end.

    The main reason I've give it a 3 out of 5, is because the acting was good and, for a mega-low budget film, the graphics weren't too shabby.

    OK to watch once, but maybe not again... or not for a really long time.

  7.  Underrated


    I've heard a lot of people slate this book, but I think it's a fantastic read. I think it would've made a perfect season 8 of Buffy.

  8.  Fantastic!


    Never did I think I'd be able to sit through a film entirely spoken in french. Little did I know that this enchanting tale of a father/son relationship would keep me hooked from start to finish. The fact that the lead character is gay is completely irrelevant, as the film focuses on how a father accepts his son for who he is. You do NOT want to miss this film!