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  1.  shame this is the last 1


    Ok as I am more into rock and band music I never realy got the DJ Hero, in real life to me whats the skill in playing other peoples songs.
    I do like some dance music tho more into tecno and hard house myself so was simply expecting this to be a bit of a novalty.
    Well its really challenging and works really well thay have been clever and concentrated more on the game than simply the music it plays like a dream and the improvised scratches etc make you feel your evolving the songs yourself.
    Considering I only got the game as a gamble as it was so cheap I advise everyone to check it out its wu wee wu weee war wick ka ka kid

  2.  Bought for playstation move


    Ok if your intending to play with playstation move this is best most realistic golf game out if using the controller get tiger woods.
    There isnt a lot to say other than as this was designed for the playstation move controller it works really well, needed a bit more polish and only bad thing I noticed was can be hard to set up a shot the actually playing the shot is perfect tho which is all you need in a golf game really

  3.  Ok more a how to replace hardive PS3 than review


    I watched you tube vids all showing a simple swop over what they all fail to mention is you need a flash drive before you can format and use backed up external drive data. After wondering what was doing wrong I did however stumble on a solution some games in this case FIFA will put an operating system update so if you cant get drive to work try various games or buy a flash drive

  4. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


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     Match of the day realistic


    The main thing I noticed was if I played it like FIFA 10 I was uselss instead of silly passing I had to think more about who had the ball.
    This is the first time in a game passing is also about who is making the pass and can be very hard to break down teams and I suggest the pro evo stonners try to find the energy to watch the odd football game Liverpool lost to Blackpool it is not a game where having a good player will always be enough takes a momment of magic or bit of luck,
    If you want a realistic sim of the game get FIFA 11 if you prefer a basic arcade game where you need no vision don`t have to use different passes and don`t have to watch player runs stick to C3Pro EvO robot soccer.
    Some people seem to want a game that is as close to the real thing as poss those people play FIFA 11 yet again another huge leap forwaed by the masters of next gen football EA leaving Pro Evo once again in the PS2 era I am amazed some of the fan boys for pro evo actually stopped palying sensi soccer as they clearly live in a delusional reality with their minds stucj 20 yrs behind.
    Realistic player abilities realistic scorelines total freedom total football its in the game

  5.  A hard watch


    I found this film disgusting and without any good points as there was nothing you could enjoy about watching this pompus attempt to be arty and clever. it reminds me of the turd on display as art everyone trying to find meaning until someone like me points out in fact its just dung. I fail to see how anyone would want to watch this again I found it hard work sitting through it once but self mutilation and vulgar ugly looking sex scenes are not my thing

  6.  Enjoyed it but not sure who it was aimed at


    Ok as we all know most animated movies are family fun films this is the opposite a dark movie that reminded me of matrix monsters and little big planet sack boy.
    So its way to scary for children and although I as an adult can appreciate many types of films I am not really sure who is the target audience here.
    I will not spoil it I never like to give away story as I hate reading reviews that give it all away so annoying.
    So this is my sum up of the film amazing first class visuals I would say almost taking annimation to a new level.
    Fairly well voice acted characters that all have their own strengths and weaknesses one to brash brave to the point of stupid another to much like a teacher that thinks they know whats best for everyone else.
    The script although not original very terminator or matrix does have enough originality to make this movie a unique experience.
    So if you want a very dark annimated movie instead of cute and fluffy you will love it but how many people are ready for a terminator meets sack boy film remains to be seen

  7.  Almost like a vampire movie


    Without ruining the movie I suppose it is about the loss of innocence and the pursuit of hedonistic pleasure yet all the while failing to fill the void many call happiness.
    The first part of the film reflects the naive Dorian and it takes you on a slow journey where he becomes corrupted. He soon transforms from corrupted to corruptor where choices have no consiquence morality is simply dissolved and opium is there to speed up the transformation.
    The film is not the greatest movie ever made but I would recommend it and the director does deserve credit for capturing the emotional developments within the charactors all acted superbly.
    On a last note i feel this would appeal to both a male and female audience

  8.  Great era


    I still think they need to do a next gen WW1 flight sim although maybe WW2 is where planes changed the outcome of wars for the first time. The control method is complex enough to make you feel your in a plane but easy enough to feel in control. The trouble is with modern planes you lock on a heatseeker and its goodbye foe way to easy this has the dogfight and grit the pilots faced at this time. Best flight sim I have played although I have no idea how good IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds Of Prey is which is the alternative. i picked up my copy for 20 and must say it is very good and am sure just like the film Titanic your not goes to get any suprises here

  9.  Not at all scary predictable and bland


    average at best acting weak story and slow. The film is not a total turkey but you will be very disappointed with a purchase

  10. Moon



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     A bit like Solaris


    Looks great I will not ruin the story but it is a fairly deep film that highlights mans need to discover himself within solitude. I am not sure you will want to watch many times but the acting and visuals are first class