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  1.  I never knew chemical brothers were this good!


    I never knew chemical brothers were this good! For three pounds, it is a bargain. With consistent electronic classics, every song is worth three pounds alone. Songs like 'block rockin' beats', 'hey boy hey girl' and 'out of control' this album is a must for anyone who is a DJ or enjoys this type of music. Absolutely brilliant, must buy!

  2.  Why Can't it use windows media player?


    Great MP3 players. The sound quality is very good, with the bass quality possibly the best around. The shuffle options are unique and it looks fantastic, for this price a bargain? Maybe not, unfortunately, this MP3 player only allows sonic stage to put music on the player. This software is overly complicated and seems to take forever to download songs onto the MP3. This walkman is worth buying at this price, if you can stand being messed around buy its software.

  3.  why do you need good graphics on a golf game?


    The graphics on this game are not that bad, but why do you need good graphics on a golf game? It seems as if they have spent a bit too much time on presentation and not enough on the game play. With only six courses and limited amount of golfers, the game gets very boring after a little while. This game was made as a quick attempt to fill the golf market for the 360, and it shows. I would not suggest buying this game.

  4. FIFA 07

    FIFA 07

    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £19.99  Free delivery

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     Shame about the lack of football


    The graphics fantastic and the ball seems free and therefore this game makes for a good experience. However, there is a limited amount to do, with only half a dozen leagues and a career mode that lasts for five years. This game is also the worst game for crashing, which becomes very annoying. Overall, though a good game, but it does have flaws.

  5.  A very good return from a very good band


    This long awaited album does not disappoint, The Boy With No Name, is consistently good throughout, with classic songs, such as closer, battleships and big chair. This album is perfect for relaxing to with songs that you can sing along with. Very likable album, a good buy if you like Coldplay and Keane.

  6.  Good, but comparded to others lacking in realism


    This is a good game. There are plenty of missions and a good storyline. The graphics are good and driving in a tank is entertaining. However, compared to other Xbox games this game does lack in realism. The scenery is not active, this means you cannot lean round walls or properly hide behind objects. There is also very little tactical awareness from any of your soldiers or the enemies. The most annoying thing, thought, is not being able to skip the introduction to each mission, which keep on playing every time you turn off the Xbox, these intros last a couple of minutes and after a few time of seeing them are very boring.

  7.  Not a bad attempt


    This game is the best cricket game available. However, it still is missing in realism. Although the analogue controls makes it easier to control a shot and the variation in bowling is good, it is still too easy to master. This coupled with a limited amount of teams and competitions means game play is short. Not a bad attempt but still needs to be more challenging.

  8.  Must Buy


    Probably the best Xbox 360 game out at the moment. The game play is excellent with good graphic detail and a storyline that holds together well. The best part of the game is the ability to do the campaign with two players. This feature is missing on so many shooting games, and makes the game play even more enjoyable. A game that will get you hooked straight away, must buy.