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  1.  It should not have ended at 4...


    After critics slated the Tudors for being too "steamy" during its airing hours, the passion all dulled down in Season 3, but it all comes back in this, the last series, with Catherine Howard.
    Events get much more serious however, there still leaves a lot to be desired. As you watch the series, it feels like the producers have rushed it to fit as much in as they can before it ends, spanning 10 episodes.
    There is still a very strong position to do a spin-off series regarding Mary and her rise to the title of "Bloody Mary" since the stage was set back in Season 3. I believe this deserves to be told as Mary has been a good, strong character throughout the series of THE TUDORS.
    I believe this could have gone on to 5 seasons, but like I say, a lot is explained and a lot certainly happens. It could have been paced a lot better. But as can be expected, an all star cast is brought to the screen and it was nice to see Joely Richardson as a powerful final queen of Henry VIII.

  2.  The truth about this sequel


    I will not lie to you guys, this is a good game, however rather easy at first play. Of course, there is always the option to increase the difficulty settings.
    At first, controlling of the gameplay and the characters is a bit...backwards for my taste, but it soon gets used to after the first level or so. One huge improvement is the ability for fusion attacks. These follow similar patterns depending on the individual characters you select for your 4 member team, but the effects are very pleasing and powerful. Fusion attacks are the selection of two of your teams combining their powers for a short time to either target a specific enemy or clear a large radius filled with enemies.
    This can be a bit repetitive, especially if you are playing the game for a second time, but this can be said about ALL games - too short etc etc
    I completed this game (continuous play) in a matter of hours. Yes, this is true. Completed etc However, there is a twist to the game. When the story heats up, you have to choose the rebel alliance or the registered alliance for a number of levels both of which are different, until the story wraps up and the sides re-unite to face the greater evil lurking in the storyline (I wont tell that).
    But as with the previous Ultimate Alliance game, this can be played over and over again, trying out all the characters available at your disposal, including some new ones... Also, the gaming style is EXACTLY the same, layout etc, of the previous one, so that has been kept.

    So all in all, this game is rather good. But its release cost was set at £44.99 (which I paid) but I would wait a little while until it is knocked down a bit which, wont take long guys :)

  3. WET


    Xbox 360

    2 New from  £34.99  Free delivery

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     smooth gaming that sends the guts FLYING


    What most reviews have stated is true, this game can be completed rather quickly however, it is well paced and the action, gaming style and CG are extreme. And just like the review before this, some parts are very "Kill Bill" and VERY "Tarantino".
    You play as a gun-for-hire voiced nicely by the lovely Eliza Dushku (of Dollhouse and Buffy-fame) played between two competing crime lord families with lots of bullets to shoot at one another and your character.
    Your main character has a tremendous amount of skill and it is your job is to exercise her deadly abilities as quick and as much as you can to gain as much bonus to upgrade her weapons and attacks. There is a nice amount of action-sequence-play. E.g. the cinematics play out and you have to press X, Y, B or A at the right time to continue etc. There are some challenging levels, and on or two areas your instincts will just sing right through and complete.

    I purchased this game upon its release and I felt it was worth the £30 or so it was being charged at. By now, the prices on the internet and the street have become much cheaper, so go for it and see what you think. I hope this review has given you an insight.

  4.  the wicked wicked witch, in a not-so "wicked" film


    I will admit hands down that I was attracted to this film for two reasons:
    1. Its the sequel and i enjoyed the first one.
    2. The main bad guy is a witch, so I was hoping for some good special effects, nasty storyline and evil magic goings on.

    Unfortunately, I was poorly let down. I rented this the other day, hoping I could prove some of the reviewers here wrong. But I agree with them. I have an open mind, but this was a very badly written story. That's all that the main issue was, the really crap story and how it was played out.
    The film has good actors, we all know this and whom you will recognize throughout. But they were all let down by yet another reason why sequels are frowned upon.
    Another bad point, as one reviewer has already rightly pointed out, was the fact that the majority of the film was filmed in the light. So, the element of using the darkness to scare the audience was initially lost from the get-go.
    The witch has some good special effects and creepiness about her, in her dark veil that mixes with the shadows and the air.

    I would rent this film, not purchased it as I did because it is worth a watch, but I just want to warn people to not expect too much or for a film that continues where the first one finished.

  5.  A modern-day DECENT horror


    "The Children" follows the story of an illness (sickness) that spreads very quickly between the children of one big happy family who are spending the Christmas holidays with each other.
    After reading the backcover and getting the general idea of what the film is about, the viewer is already ready to see what is going to be brought to their eyes.
    At first glance, you see all the family meeting up and the kids jumping around so glad to be seeing one another. Except for one child. It has already been established on the back of the DVD box that there is (or will be) an illness that will stricken the kids. But it has already happened and one child is already infected however, it is never clearly established how or when it happened. The illness is like a mucus-type cough that results in vomiting followed by traces of blood. The opening music gives a sense of foreboding and you can tell immeadiately that everyone in the film is not in for a good time. It's just waiting to see when all the violence will happen.
    With all respects, this is a good film, albeit slow in places. In my opinion, what is scary is how quickly this virus travels and its affects. When you watch till the end, it is hinted that not just the children are infected, but they are the first targets. In real life, we know this to be true due to developing immune systems etc, so children will be highly susceptable, which is the horror. Especially in this day and age with swine flu and other bugs jumping around all over the world.
    As I've said before, the music really does grip you in this foreboding sense of fear. It makes you wait for that one big tragedy that will kick everything off. And the first death is not very pleasant. At first, it looks like it all could have been an accident, but then the children really start to attack in a playful, game-like attitude.

    What critics have let the film down on is the illness leading to the violent nature of the children, who become the antagonists - the bad guys. This can be found to be unbelievable, and not true to reality. But what is real is the illness and the quickness of how it spreads, and THAT is the fear and the horror that begins this film. There is a lot of conflict as the family struggles to survive, mainly being on the side of their little ones and not believing what is happening until it is too late.

    I enjoyed it, its worth a watch. And its not one of this cheap made badly done B movies with poor effects.

  6.  a good, all round system


    I have had my Xbox ELITE for over a month now, having seriously considered the juggling act between which was worth while: Ps3 or XBOX 360. Now, we all know the Xbox systems have had a faulty run, especially with the earlier models, but remember that sentence, as there has been a LOT of better models coming out and when I say that, I mean ones that are not faulty and have a longer life span. But to be honest kids, nothing is full proof and undying and when you way up the cost, the Xbox systems are much more financially sound.

    Put it this way, it is easier to by 2 Xbox 360's than 2 PS3's.

    Now, the ELITE system.

    I chose this system purely out of the fact of technically manufacture reports, systems checks and all, and compared to the older Xbox's and Xbox 360 models that red ringed everyone, the ELITE, in my opinion is a much full proof system. I have played it long hours, long days without so much as turning it off and have not had any problems so far. As far as the system goes, it is the only system with the largest built in space, boasting 120GB, which when you compare to how much you can put on a 32GB Ipod, is quite remarkable. You can save anything from pictures, videos and music on there and play it through your tv. Once you've saved it on there, it is THERE. no need for CDs etc, which is good for the system as it gives the disc laser a break here and there between your entertainment pleasure.
    The downside people would say would be the "red rings of death" and its noise level, but that is just how it is. It is a fast, high working system and when there is no blasting on in the background, yes, you can hear the fans blazing away. But it is not something to be completely objective about, for the reasons I have already stated.

    If you are looking in the market for a gaming system as I once was, one for your TV, then I would go for this one. And if you have an HD TV then even better as this system comes with its own gold HDMI cable (HD cable for the TV). however, please note that you will need to acquire a digital hd cable for the audio, as I did :)

    happy playing guys

    4 / 5 stars because so far, there are not that many good games out, but that is my opinion.

  7.  absolutely dreadful for a game


    I am not one to particularly enjoy giving bad reviews, but I am sorry I must say this. This has been out for quite a while now and I purchased this pre-owned about 3 weeks ago. I now know one reason why it was a pre-owned game.
    What first struck me was the awful control system. You battle (melee, hand to hand combat etc) with the RIGHT ANALOG STICK. I mean, for crying out loud, it is not easy to do. Avid gamers will find that dying over and over and over again will become very tiresome and make the game very very dull. Which is a pity because for all intents and purposes this has some pretty decent building blocks to it. The background story is VERY interesting and the graphics and cinematic sequences are works of pure art, but the gameplay, to use a simply modern term: "sucks".
    I write this review to inform gamers such as myself NOT to fall into this trap. The controlling is upside down and not thought of very well, the gameplay is lengthy (which is good) but it is not very well laid out for you. The game, itself is like a mass of space, and you do not even have a map that you can look at during missions when you are in the middle of heated combat and lose your way. Let's face it, it happens and we have ALL been there. But the game developers have left so much margin for error that the game itself is awful, which as I have said earlier, is a real shame.

  8.  one shall stand, MANY shall fall under the wrath of gunfire


    This game is a HUGE improvement from the get-go. Where the first game failed miserably, this second TRANSFORMERS GAME is far more flexible, up to a point.
    The characters you can play with and the robots you face throughout the levels are straight from the movie, with loving computer graphics and detailing. The action is easy to control, highly addictive and explosive.

    Transform from robot to vehicle with a push of a button!

    There are many ways to play and you also have the option to upgrade your side (Autobot / Decepticon) with energon that is collected as points for blowing up enemies.
    Each character has 3 weapons. Primary, Secondary and Special Ability. these range from gun turrets, personal shields, powerful blasters, long range cannons, grenade launchers and sniper rifles

    This was just to give you a taste but I give this one 4 / 5. The only downside is that playing as either Autobots OR Decepticons, the story follows the same / similar path. It would have been nice to see two different storylines, but the player's involvement in the game storyline is highly involved and invites challenging and repetitive play.

  9.  one of the best soundtracks to a TV series to date


    It was to be a new series with a completely new musical score and it has some of the best tudor-like music. The music is easy listening as well as dynamic and if you loved it when watching the show, you will love it on this CD also as this is the original soundtrack. No copy, no re-make with another orchestra etc. what you heard from the series is what you get here, from the amazing opening credit sequence to the final scene in the woods with Henry and Anne finally giving in to temptation and desire.
    All that needs to be done now is a CD to back-up the second series, already released on DVD.
    This is truly some of the best musical peices that truly have the Tudor dynasty behind it.

  10.  A good mobile phone you can get used to


    This device is compact and manageable in its deliverence of voice and video calls, email and internet access and messaging. It works through a very simple and sensitive touch screen function and scrolling ability.
    The mobile phone also comes in a very professional and stylish box complete with an assortment of condiments including the CD containing the software necessary to load of music, image and video files. The software for this mobile phone gives you the option, in its own "Samsung Studio" that will appear on your computer after installation, the ability to convert all files to the format that is able to function on the mobile phone. The quality of the handset's screen is very appealing, especially when selecting saved images from your computer as screen savers and main screen backgrounds.
    Unlike others, the Tocco has the ability of multiple menu views, at your discretion. You can choose which icons show on your main screen simply by touching and dragging from the left hand toolbar on the screen which you can minimise so it does not get in your way. You can therefore fill up your mobile's main screen with two different clocks, date, network name, caluclator, messeges, internet browser, fun club etc or leave it completely blank to view a nice background image.
    The phone also comes with two different battery covers. the way the phone is designed is that you can have one cover that is simply a battery cover OR a cover that comes with a flip top that protects the screen when not in use, like a vertically-opening book.
    The phone has a simple-to-use charger and a memory card slot to extend the phones memory, depending on how much you wish to store on it in terms or music etc. The size of the memory card you get is ultimately yours.
    I have this phone on contract and I am more than happy with it, having considered getting the iphone but to be honest, as a customer and a buyer of this phone, I would recommend this to you if you are interested. I would put this above all the easily damageable LG phones and other manufacturers.
    and certainly, if you prefer touch screens then this will satisfy you immensely.