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  1.  Brilliant!


    First off, let me tell you how clear the headphones are...parts of the songs that I am listening to now with these headphones are actually clear now, before they simply were missed out.

    These headphones aren't bass intensive, but neither is it neglected, I feel the bass is just right for me, others may find it a little too soft though.

    The foam ear buds that are provided I prefer over the usual ones that are provided with the headphones. I say this because after they have been inserted correctly, they feel comfortable, to the point that you can't feel that they are there, and they block out nearly all background noise as well. The foam expands in your ear so it forms a seal inside your ear keeping sound in, not letting it escape.

    The headphones come with a protective case, extension cable, foam and rubber headphones ranging from small to large and a useful pick to clean your headphones.

    Overall, great for people who enjoy music!

  2.  Great cable........XBOX 360 USERS READ ON


    First off, amazing cable.....no loss of quality at all! I am using this for my Xbox 360 on my Samsung 22" monitor - wow. This cable is far better than using component in my opinion. But take in mind the cable won't carry sound, and this is where I explain the trouble I had with my Xbox 360....

    Very cleverly Microsoft have placed the HDMI and AV slots close together, meaning if you have a HDMI cable plugged in...you can't plug the AV a the same time!

    Microsoft sell there own cable that fits perfectly, but at around £40........but that was a ridiculous idea seeing as I had just bought this! After some searching on the internet, I found a simple way of plugging both HDMI and AV in at the same time....simply remove the plastic casing of the AV cable with a screw driver (by wedging the case apart - don't worry, the plastic casing DOESN'T hold any components together and won't damage a thing)

    Now it works a dream and I don't need to cash out for another cable!

  3.  Amazing.


    I mainly bought this monitor for my xbox 360, and I'm glad I did. First of all the contrast is just perfect, the colours are vibrant and crips....there is no ghosting what so ever. I am using my xbox 360 via HDMI to DVI and as I didn't have a VGA cable in the back of my computer, I had to buy an adapter (only five pounds) which solved the problem. There is a Source button so you can easily switch between two inputs - which I like a lot.

    Gaming on the computer is superb also, I got used to my old monitor, and everything looks so crisp and clear now!

    Overall, 10/10 monitor!

  4.  Simply Great!


    Extremely simple installation! The box arrives well packaged, including a power cable, 2 feet for it to stand up-right, and the router itself.

    Note: No Ethernet cable is included

    I needed this piece of kit as I need my Computer and Xbox 360 (Xbox Live) connected to the internet. Just 1 ethernet cable from the router, and any other devices are given the internet source.

    Very good product

  5.  Amazing!


    Upon installing it, I ran into a problem that the latest driver didn't uninstall the disc driver, so I had to remove them both and start again. Other than that, this mouse has been perfect! It is a little hard to get used to, because it is so quick....but that can be changed if you don't want it too fast..

  6.  Amazing


    Both films tell there own story, Letters From Iwo Jima being the story of the Japaneses troops, and Flags Of Our Fathers being the American side.

    Both films are touching and powerful, Flags Of Our Fathers makes you think about things after the film, and Letters From Iwo Jima fills you with respect for the troops ill-equipped in the face of battle.

    Both great films, a must see

  7.  TOP CLASS!


    One word, WOW!

    The audio and video quality is superb, far better than that of the Ipod Videos.

    Transferring movies is a dream, and the ability to crop the movie so it fits the screen better is a really nice feature.

    But be warned, the shiny surface scratches easily and I advice you to keep the protective cover on, then purchase a suitable case for it.

    This player exceeds the 5 star rating with ease

  8.  Poor


    This album is nothing like the previous.

    There's not a lot I can write about this than it's lame.

  9. Blade



    9 New from  £2.49  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.24

     Loved it


    What a film...

    I'd heard about this film from my friends, but I finally saw it and it's awesome!!

    The film starts off with blade invading a vampire party (it sounds lame, but it's not....the vampires start going wild when the sprinklers start spraying blood all over them) and he uses a number of weapons in the process!

    The rest of the film is gripping and well thought out

  10.  Amazing!


    I was really impressed with this album, it's a blend of Hardcore / Post Hardcore / Rock. If you liked the previous album 'And Their Name Was Treason' you will surely like this!

    Or...if you've never heard the previous album, you will love this for sure!