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  1.  heath ledger


    This is the best film ever!!!!!!! I usually hate batman films cuz there so cheesey and rubbish but this one is great, heath ledger plays a very good joker, and the part with the pencil is funny and gruesome. I had to watch this at the cinema twice i loved it that much. Good times

  2.  heroes!!!


    i love this t-shirt, i read a couple of reviews where they said the material was see through and cheap but i totally disagree, i wore this top with a black bra and u couldnt see it, cant be that see through can it, it fits lovely and looks cool!!! i am so glad i bought it!!!

  3.  elvis has left the building!


    this film is one of my favourites!!!! its jam packed with action, and its also quite funny, got a great cast in it, kevin costner, kurt russell, david and courtney arquette. defo one for your dvd collection.

  4.  dragonfly


    this film is one of my favourites, it is so emotional yet makes sense! theres a good twist at the end that will leave you gobsmacked, kevin costner is fantastic in this. defo worth buying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100% fantastic

  5.  sweeneys back


    this film is cool, johnny depp is excellent as he is in any other movie he does, his caracter i think is a cross between jack sparrow and edward scissorhands, tim burton films with johnny depp in are always guarnteed to be good, and again this one was!

  6.  the deadwood stage!!


    i looovvvveee this film!!! i am a fan of musicals anyway but this film is so old yet so brilliant, i love all the music, i love doris day and howard keel, and this film makes me smile and laugh!!!! u can never get bord of watching this!!!!!

  7.  great


    i love goldie hawnm and she is great in this funny romantic comedy, this is worth buying as its so cheap but u will want to watch it over and over again!!! it proves that cuz your rich doesnt mean you have the best life!

  8.  just another episode


    this film wasnt really a film, it was a long episode. it was still funny. and spiderpig was the best thing about the film. but i can see the simpsons every day on tele so i wouldnt rush out and buy it.

  9.  fanbloodytastic


    this film is amazing!!!!!! ricky gervais is funny in it, great acting. david walliams is in it to. worth buying, as u will wanna watch it over and over again

  10.  love it!!!!


    this film is the best film ever!!! this film always cheers me up, makes me wanna dance my ass off. its great, my favourite film apart form high school musical 2!!!! worth buying.