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  1.  Good for a time


    I did like this game, i thought it looks good and all that but there is nothing really to exciting about the game, you get and you just complete, it's not a game you'l just want to play. Though i do think it is good when your going through the story, they are rather long and personaly i find it abit difficult sometimes.

  2.  Amazing , great game , will bring good times:)


    As soon as this came out i went right down to my local shop to buy it , i had never had a singstar before but it was worth i got home and tested it out, it was good and the same night i had it my friends came round and we were all singing on it, it was good laugh's, you should also get the ps3 eye as it works perfectly with it.
    Theres a good amount of songs but it's really good that you can download and buy songs and now there must be over 300 allready. I have bought serveral at £1 each.
    The start screen is nice , then you select what you want , duet, battle , solo etc and then you can have 20 users registered to keep track and you select a song, it is standed quality. It sure is great fun, keep's you going for hours, me and my friends just want to keep on singing.
    The downside is the microphone's are not that good at all, the sound abit distorted sometimes, they could of really done better there becuase you don't really get a fantastic recording but still it's worth it.

  3.  The perfect addon,amazing


    I just had to get the ps3 eye as i looked all over for infomation about it, and it just amazed me, the software for the ps3 is a simple picture,video and sound recorder but then there are loads of funny effects to go with it, also you buy a game called operation creature which is quite good and many other's which simply you'l see your self transparantly in the background of the screen.
    It just has to be bought for ps3 singstar aswell , you can't go wrong as you are able to record yourself on singstar , you can watch your video's of you and your friends singing and save them aswell, it brings great laughs i know when im singing with my friends but it's has to bought.

  4.  Non stop,free roam and action thrilling


    This game is yet another great free roam game ,you walk around in the well detailed lively town's and cities. Everything is interactive, the game looks brilliant , you just get stuck into it for so many hours, very fun , very amussing aswell to be honest.
    If your into action/fighting this is perfect for you , you can't go wrong hey it's hours of fun in very high graphical area's

  5.  incredible , an amazing game long playing


    this game is amazing, it is full of everything thing you would want as you can fight , buy , do 100+ quest and it keeps you going for ever , you won't get bored of this and as you have a difficulty level changer, you can change it , and it is impossible to not complete the game as i had it on medium difficulty which is average as i have heard , but the game is simply amazing as everything you want it has , you will be very pleased with this as it is top games , rated one of the best games out , as you can choose your characters and what you want to be , this game is very long as of other games i have had , i completed this in 55 hours of game play and i was on it like 2 hours everyday so you can see how long it is ,
    top game , you won't be unhappy with it.

  6.  memory card in k800i top marks


    this memory card is a good type as it is good at storing what you need , i have used all the memory up on it now but with 310 songs using up 789mb, it is worth it and with the video's they all fit on there good memory card as it will fit everything you want unless your going over 550+ songs,

  7.  best phone for it amazing price,


    I payed £190 as i got this in january and it is a amazing phone, as it ticks all the boxes , now where shall i start, it is simply amazing , the camera on this is a top camera , for memory and good quality , the camera is incredible , as the same for the flash light , the memory storage , the easy way of moving around the phone , there are something like wishing that the video camera on the front worked as takeing pictures , and it the light on the back could stay on permenatly , but as in when you are playing your music , you get so much volume , you can customize anything you want on this phone as it it top with everything, come's with all application's you would need and huge contact storing , i won't be getting a new phone for a odd year or 2 as i am happy with this phone , the phone is amazing and you will not be unhappy.
    payed for january, happy with the phone , 10/10 in everything

  8.  top joystick if you have a desktop pc


    I was amazed by this joystick as it's forces were so realistic in everyway , the moves were very good and i was happy with my flight sim game and combat flight simulator, it works great with the game, thoe i wish it would of came with a bigger usb cable and longer power lead, great on a desktop pc ,

  9.  no as easy as it say's


    When i was buying this on play.com, i thought it was going to be really easy to use , but there is so much you have to do to get the full trafic , it is not just one button as you'd want , you spend like 30mins - 1 hour of creating the traffic , it is not worth the money , but i found that you would get about 50 planes taxi to runways and it was fun , but i wouldn't allways use it, also you'd be better with 1 gigabyte of ram a it dose use the pc power alot as you get more planes in , good add- on not top add-on.

  10.  the add-on is good but not worth the money


    I thought it would be so much better , as the add-on is no different to creating a flight in the game , it's not that great as the cost of it is too much , you'd be better makeing your own flights in the no-addon game
    it is not a excellent game , but it helps you with understand the navigation and in getting to places without gps. good game , not worth the money.