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  1.  Fantastic


    i dont understand why people are giving this bad reviews this is so much stable play online no noob tubing hardly any campers! loads of content dead opz zombies wager matches combat traning and i have not even touched story mode yet because the online customization is so in depth and love the black market in game currency idea theres so much to unlock and buy this game pwns MW2 in so many areas

  2.  awsome


    love it try play poker if you wont to gain fast cash i won 250 bucks on it :-p cleaned out everyone :-) and they actually bluff very cool mini games

  3.  Great game bad support


    This game is addictive fun and has over 120+missions without includeing the DLC packs so its a very lenghthy game witch you wont be completeing in in a week even if you go hardcore and when you do complete it you have a choice to do a 2nd playthrough and get to keep your weapons and items and level from the first playthrough.

    Not only this but the enemies are much stronger on the 2nd playthrough and you can loot better guns and items on the 2nd playthrough and if you wont to max your level to 50 youre gonna need them to be.

    Bad Points:

    Splitscreen is a pain has the game is not resized proper seems like gearbox forgot to test this out.

    Online CO OP allthough this is alot of fun the mic has issues sometimes and the freinds list in game is still bugged for some users

    GamePlay 5/5
    Graphics 4/5 (like the style of the graphics)
    Storyline 3/5

    Overall worth a buy

  4. MAG



    2 New from  £19.71  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.74



    I have never seen so much team work on a online FPS has this game and im a big COD fan while COD has great graphics i get a feel of more team effert on MAG its no call of duty dont get me wrong but MAG is leap in the future to what we will be seeing for the PS3. i will admit the first couple og hours i didnt think it was all that but please give it a good week of playing and belive me there is more to this game then meets the eye. Valor 4 Life im sold on this game.

  5.  Fantastico


    to the guy whos on about heartbeat sensors dont like them? use Ninja perk noob :-) fast paced = good maybe your just slow :-p o yea and this game is twice has good has any other COD game a must buy but not for 44.88 activision you rip offs!

  6.  PS3 Upgrade


    this works a treat but i do recommend getting the right size screwdriver for the job has the screws in the ps3 go bold very easy (there cheap screws)

  7.  GTA But..


    way more fun thios game is what the latest GTA is lacking fun may not have perfect graphics but its a great fun overall game

  8.  erm?


    Wow i played the demo and i have fnr3 and found the controles on this terrible the graphics are amazing and all the new stuff you can do amazing right is it just me or when playing the demo is it not extreamly hard to knock the guy out punches seem to do no damage its has if the guy is made out of iron wheres the fun hard blowing haymakers to me this game has gotton to realistic and the fun factor has been taken out and its gotton to serious

  9.  wow


    This game is stunning and for the price its a must buy even if you dont like this type of game

  10.  OK...


    First off i dont think this game deserves a 3 and a half star rateing i think it deserves a 4 so iv rated it 5 to try bump this up.

    Graphics slighlty better than the first but to be honest its no biggy and yea the car handling is pretty bad but is this a raceing game ? no.

    The blackhand and brutal execusions are awsome and there are alot of buildings to take over and this time they dont all look the same so thats an inprovement and bringing in the staratery part makes it more fun and can learn you alot of maths :-p

    has for glitches there are some where you can get stuck ect but thats with every game that comes out im sure there be patches soon.

    the facial expressions with the cut scenes are really realistic and shooting up and manageing your crew is fun the game is allso fun to play online you can use a mic and theres about 6 diffrent maps and game modes to pick from.

    the major flaws i can only find 2

    the main story missions is very short and at times you feel like your not a don and your micheals underboss it really needed some more choices making for yourself that effect the storys ending and outcome maybe allso being able to arrange meeting with the other dons and prehaps form alliances

    the 2nd flaw is something that bugs me alot you cant jump.

    other than that this game is alot of fun and once you complete it you can do it agen and have the same amount of fun

    Overall i rate the game 7/10 and i think any fan of the movies or mafia type sandbox shooters will love this game.