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  1.  Great dock for the price


    Really pleased with this Azatom Dock with dual view option, which was the main reason for buying it, for enhanced viewing of Netflix, Iplayer etc on the ipod at a landscape viewing option. The Ipod is at a slight angle, up, when dock which helps viewing purposes.
    I have a Sony dock also at double the price, the sound is better on the Sony, deeper bass and better clarity, But I'd expect that. I wasn't expecting the same quality on the Azatom. That said, sound is good, better for viewing programmes than listening to music. The build quality is good, small and light enough to be easily portable between rooms. Remote is functionally and does its job. To rotate the dock from portrait to landscape and vice versa couldn't be easier. Just twist. Sitting the Ipod into the dock is simple enough too. Getting the dock to fit the charging pins is no more precise than the Sony. There is very slight speaker hiss when the unit is on and no activity, but I had to have my ear very close to the unit to hear it, so it's not really an issue. It's not like a digital clock that some have annoying buzz about them. All in all a great unit, does its job and does it well at a very decent price. Would definately recommend this unit.

  2.  Very Poor


    These headphones are very poor. So much so, I don't use them. I just needed a cheap pair for the gym. The sound quality is terrible. No bass and incredibly tinny. I know you get what you pay for. As cheap as these are, I have bought similar priced ear phones that are far superior in sound quality. Sorry, wouldn't recommend these at all.

  3.  Great game so far


    I've clocked up about 5 hours on this game so far and I'm really enjoying it so far. It is a little slow to get going, there are a lot of villagers to talk to and to help you understand the game and give you snippets of info. I've been out exploring my world and had to deal with some monsters, none to difficult to dispose of yet. There appears to be a fair bit of game play under just going out killing monsters, such as trading and fine tuning your weapons. I'm just starting to be given quests, so the game is picking up speed and the enjoyment is just growing. The graphics for this game are excellent. Controls via the remote and nunchuck are fine. Sound effects are good and realistic. When fighting you feel your character is quite slow at wielding and attacking with his sword, but when the sword is as big as the hunter, the realism hits you that, 'hey, if was carrying a sword my height and made of iron, I'd be a bit cumbersome and not throwing it around like a butter knife' So in that respect very realistic. My only real niggle, is the text for the menus and speech are quite small and takes some straining to read it all fluently. I guess on 40" screen this may not be a problem, and our 26" is ok, but a smaller sized screen may become a slight pain. All in all a very good serious game to add to the library of more comical/cartoony games that fill the Wii shelf in our house. Worth buying if you are prepared to put in some time before the action gets really going. Although a 4* has been given by me, it really deserves a 4.5.

  4.  Good Value for money TV


    Excellent delivery time from Play.com. TV is nice looking, so easy to set up and navigate around. Good price. Picture very good. My only grumble is what 'megapixel' commented on further down. There is a distinctive buzz from the TV, clearly audible at lower volumes which is what lowers my score.