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  1.  Amazing!


    Very talented singer! Sorry Adele, but LuCy Rose has anmazing voice.
    Even prefer her (Youtube) live performances!

  2.  Nastassja Kinski in a great Western.


    The Claim is a rather unknown Western, though the plot, acting performances, filmmusic and locations are great!.
    Like the other great Westerns like Day of the Outlaw (1959) and The Secret of Convict Lake (1951) for instance, this Western was filmed during wintertime.
    Location: Fortress Mountain in the Province of Alberta, Canada by the way.

    One of my favourite things about this fine film is that the characters have European accents; too often films set in the American frontier of the 19th Century have their characters speaking in unlikely modern American accents.
    The cast are pretty good even though Nastasja Kinsky has in her first Western a rather insignificant role. Taking into consideration being the most experiences actress of the cast, her performance is rather disappointing also.

    The story (like an ancient greek tragedy) is interesting and rare but great British attempt at a Western.

    My rating 4/5.

  3.  Just brillant!


    The story is well known: an insurance salesman gets seduced into plotting his client's death.

    The video looks great. No marks, vivid, detailed black and white.The 2.0 audio is much more dynamic compared with the S.E. region -1 DVD. Sometimes E.G. Robinson's voice is even too loud (tends to over-acting).
    The extra's are interesting too, like the comments byj Eddie Muller (Film-Noir Foundation) and James Elroy (L.A. Confidential).
    Enclosed is a 36 page booklet, the pictures are rather faded.

    My rating: movie, performances, video, audio, booklet: just brilliant, 5 stars.

    Steelcase or not, a Blu-ray of Double Indemnity is very recommended.

  4.  Subtitles


    The subtitles on this Blu-ray release are:
    English, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Castilian, Italian, Finnish, Swedish and Postugese.

    Nice story, but I expected more action.

    The transfer is great, though not on the level of Western Blu-ray The Searchers (1956), who was filmed in Vista Vision.

  5.  Excellent transfer of a great Western!


    Excellent Blu-ray transfer of a great Western! I like the setting and the story. Great landscapes with a lot of horses.

    The image of this Blu-ray transfer is almost on the level of The Searches Blu-ray. Western The Searchers was filmed in Vista Vision by the way.

    Broken Trail Blu-ray. Very recommended.

  6.  A well-done character piece.


    There is'nt a lot of shooting in this Western, it's more a 'character study Western'.
    'Garden of Evil' tells the story of 3 American adventurers (Gary Cooper, Richard Widmark, and Cameron Mitchell) who were heading for the Californian gold rush by ship and are stranded in a Mexican fishing village. When they meet the 'bitchy' Susan Hayward their trouble really starts. Heading the valley 'Garden of Eden', there is a lot of tension between them. Their real trouble should be the regular attacking indians however...
    Nice, believable story shot in full-colour Cinemascope. However, not believable are the indians: Apaches in a Mohicans outfit.

    The region-2 DVD transfer is OK, allhough missing subtitles and extra features like the region-1 release. And I dislike the 2-tone cover art.

    In the mean time I have the region-1 DVD release also: the video moves towards Blu-ray, with subtitles, extra's and a nice cover-art.

    My ratings: movie: 3/5; lay-out + transfer region-2: 2/5; lay-out + transfer region-1: 4/5.

  7.  One of the greatest Western of all time?


    The '3:10 to Yuma' must surely be in any fan of the Western genre Top 10. The story is excellent, as is the performance of Van Heflin, Felicia Farr and Glenn Ford. One of the greatest all time Westerns.

    The tension that mounts as Heflin and Ford wait for the train to arrive at the station whilst surrounded by Fords gang of outlaws is unbeatable!
    The tension between Glenn Ford and Felicia Farr in the saloon is great too. I miss that in the 2007 remake.
    Shot in widescreen black & white, what boosts the suspense of this outstanding Western.
    We may find one 'goof' however: during the credits we may see condensestripes of an '50s aeroplane, above the fast driving stagecoach.

    Summary: the '3:10 to Yuma' from 1957 is very recommended. Look forward to a Blu-ray release.

  8.  I like the music!


    I like the music in this entertaining feel-good movie. The allways stunning Andrea Corr (leadsinger 'The Corrs') has a cameo, and doesn't sing, pity.

    Regarding the DVD: the Aspect Ratio is 1.85:1 instead of the stated 4:3, however the image is just above VHS level. Fortunately, the audio is great.

    My rating IMDb # 7.5/10.

  9.  Terrific perfermances and DVD/CD set


    This set comes as a DVD/ CD combo, but after listening and viewing the DVD, I can't imagine when I would ever listen to the CD. This CD's is even missing some great songs and the sound quality of the DVD is terrific. Even if I simply wish to hear music, I'll load the DVD.
    And the video is terrific too, almost on the level of Blu-ray.

    The DVD has a mini interview/photo shoot where both Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler talk about the project that became their previous album. Emmylou even refers to the excellent and successful CD "Neck And Neck" with both Knopfler and Chet Atkins. There are some other nice things included, such as a warm-up session where the players all sit around and play acoustically to get into the mind-set for the show, a little jam session.

    The actual concert was a nice mix of Country, Country Rock, Bluegrass and even a couple of Dire Straits tunes. Knopfler is not stingy about allowing Harris to sing songs from the back catalog, and some of the duets from even the Dire Straits era sound like they could have been cut for the last project!

    Knopfler collected a band with great players, like the guitarist Richard Bennett..
    Less is the performance of the grey-haired Emmylou Harris. She's wooden and sometimes her voice is rather soft. To match the strong guitar play from Knopfler I had preferred the Country singer Ilse Delange or Sheryl Crow. Like Harris both have outstanding voices and are guitar players too (and great body-talk).

    All songs are terrific, but my favorite songs are: I Dug Up A Diamond (not on the CD), Romeo And Juliet, Song For Sonny Liston (not on the CD) and Our Shangri-La. Songs with a lot of Knopfler guitar solos.

    O.K. For the record, aside from my less remark above, this DVD/CD set is a must have!

    My ratings:
    - Performance: Mark Knopfler + band: 5/5; Emmylou Harris: 3/5
    - DVD/CD transfer: 5/5

  10.  A film that communicates so much by saying so little.


    'The American' is a refreshingly anti-Hollywood movie by the photographer Anton Corbijn. This is not really an action film and to a certain extent, it's not even really a thriller. Don't expect many gunshots, explosions and car chases. This film is a transfixing character study. A well-paced melodrama, that communicates so much by saying so little. Great to see how the relationship between the criminal George Clooney (in his best role) and the beautiful and charismatic prostitute Violante Placido evolves from lecherousness to a pure and affectionate love. Believe me: scenes that seem pointless at first will seem ideal when you look back on it in hindsight.
    And we 'meet' the photographer Anton Corbijn: the beautifully shot, Italian countryside never looked better!
    My rating 4/5.

    Less is the '007'-like UK DVD/Blu-ray cover-art. The cover art in other countries is based on the simple movie poster.