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  1.  Bye bye cook book, hello DS!


    I was a little sceptical about this, but now after trying a couple of recipes I love it. I should warn you that if your expecting thousands of recipes, there is only about 250, which is a good number of recipes, but I suspect they will bring out more depending on the popularity.

    But this is definitely not a discouragement; the recipes are nice and varied; there are over ten contires to choose from: recipes from America, Britian, France, Italy, India, Thailand, China, Japan, Australia, and so on. You can also search via difficulty, an ingredient, time and calories. Another good thing is that you can favourite certain recipes and add notes, so when you browse you can find your favourites easy, rather then searching all over again.

    It is easy to read the ingredients, the steps and the actual cooking guide. While your cook your "Chef" friend tells you how to do each step (you also get text and pictures to follow); you can go back, repeat and ask to set the time with the sound of you voice or by touching the screen (you can turn the voice activation off at any time during the cooking process). You can also change the speed of the Chef's voice.

    Another little feature is the "shopping list" section at the menu. The basic idea is that when browsing for a recipe, you can tick the ingredients you need to buy, and it will be transferred to the "shopping list" section. This section is easy to browse and it even has a calculator to do your price sums if you take it with you in the supermarket.

    A couple of drawbacks are when adding a note to a recipe it sometimes has trouble reading some letters, depending on your handwriting: example would be that sometimes it misreads "t" and puts down a "x", other examples are "a" is misread as an "o" or "p" and "k" is misread as a "r" . It is easy to correct it's just a tad annoying after a while. Other drawback is a the price: I recommend waiting for it to be a little cheaper before buying it.

    Overall it's a good investment: it has a wide range of recipes and anyone can cook with this. Just wait for it to be cheaper and you will never need a cook book again!

  2.  Best DS game out now!


    I did have my doubts at first, I thought it would be another Pokemon clone, but this even better then Pokemon in my opinion.

    For starters, not all the monsters are cute and cuddly: some of them look mean, some of them look "ugly" and some of them just look so awesome! Another aspect is when you combine two monsters together you can use those monsters old abilities with your new monsters and make them even more powerful. The more monsters you combine the higher their rank goes up and the stronger they get: by the time you've completed the game, you will probably have the most unbeatable and most unstoppable team! And it's all about crushing your opponents in one single blow ;)

    It's much more challenging compared to Pokemon and the story line is very good. There is a bit of level grinding and some travelling, but it's so addictive and just so much fun to play you don't really notice.

    I got when it was £10, so I think it was a great bargain. Even though it's now £17.99 now that I have played it I would happily pay that price for this game.

    I would happily give it 5 out of 5, but I don't think some of the level grinding is everyone cup of tea. Don't let that intimidate you, because I can guarantee that if you like Pokemon and similar games you will defiantly LOVE this game.