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  1.  Brilliant


    The fantastic Inbetweeners continue on from where they left off. Based on the three episodes I have seen so far I will definitely be buying this DVD. This series is cruder and ruder than its predecessors and they are just as many embarrassing situations for them to try and get through.

  2.  Good


    The musical content was fantastic however most of his stand-up material in between songs has just been slightly reworked from earlier performances and so will be very familiar to avid fans

  3.  Great


    This album is an improvement from the albums it succeeded namely Because of the Time and Aha Shake Heartbrake however I personally prefer the heavier bluesy sound of the first album Youth and Young Manhood.

  4.  Timeless classic


    If youre a fan of comedy then this is a must own. It is a timeless classic and fun for all the family to enjoy

  5.  One of the best series yet


    This series is fantastic. I honestly dont understand why it hasnt got the full 5 star rating on this website. Comes highly recommended...

  6.  Fantastic


    One of the finest tv shows of recent times. This is a must own and rather cheap at only a tenner for both series

  7.  Not funny


    This show is nowhere near up to Bill Baileys usual standard. I was looking forward to watching this as I am a huge fan of Cosmic Jam and Bewildered but this is just one big disappointment and simply not funny. There are numerous reasons why I disliked. Firstly I thought that Wembley was too big and any comedic energy dissipated very quickly. Bill almost seemed scared by the scale of the show or maybe he knew his material wasnt up to scratch. Secondly there was too much music in it and dont get me wrong Bill's songs of the past were amazing but these ones were no where near as good. In particular the G. Bush sample song and the stuff he does with his German band simply werent funny and made me cringe. Thirdly although the special effects and visuals did look good and were quite complex they didnt really contribute anything towards the humour of the show. Please do not mark me down as a bad review because you think I do not like Bill Bailey that is not the case at all. This dvd is just nowhere up to Bills usual standard and I simply didnt find it funny and Im sure he would admit this to some extent himself. If you havent heard of Bill Bailey before or havent seen his stand-up then avoid this at all costs as it is not an accurate representation of the genius he is! I would however definitely recommend Cosmic Jam or Bewildered

  8.  Not good


    I was really looking forward to watching this movie as this together with Rock n Roll High School was apparently Kurt Cobain's inspiration for the Smell like Teen Spirit video. However I was left bitterly disappointed and I actually turned it off 1/2 way through out of embarrassment only to watch the rest later that night. The storyline of this movie has a lot of potential in that it documents a load of disillusioned kids rebelling against society and out of shear boredom of the new town they live in. It is supposed to have been based on a true story however I felt almost all of the child characters were unrealistic and poorly acted. The script felt like it had been written by a complete outsider and evidenced little experience in the storyline. The only feature worth noting of this were moments of photography and film direction in which there were some good panoramic shots and a good car chase. I wont be watching this again and I doubt you should either

  9.  Pretty funny


    I went to see this in the cinema with high hopes because I read the book by Danny Wallace and thought it was halarious. This movie is good although it is quite different from the book, as it was set in America, the main character wasn't a banker, didn't find about "YES" through a cult etc etc. However due to the number of changes I feel it is unfair to compare this to the book and instead it should be judged on its own merit. Jim Carrey was superb in it, as was the bloke from flight of the concords playing his strange boss. There were some real laugh out loud moments and a few to cringe at. It is well worth a watch however I'm not sure if I would pay the full £11 price for it. P.S Buy the book its only a fiver!

  10.  Good


    I saw this in the cinema and thought it was pretty good, but it does lose a bit of its appeal in the transfer to DVD unless you've got a decent widescreen and surround sound. It has some great moments of action with remarkable chase scenes and digital effects particularly the fall of the statue of liberty and the underground scene. However there are also some annoying features, such as the general stupidity of the guy holding the camera. I saw the motion sickness warning signs on the way in to the cinema, and was prepared for the worst. But I didn't feel even slightly ill or disorientated throughout the duration of the film, and I feel this criticism has been much exaggerated by other reviewers who might not be the best people to go to a funfair with. All in all a decent film for £2.99.