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  1.  amazing film


    sat down with my 22 month old son and watched Saturday. He was absolutely mesmerised, and so was I for totally different reasons! Not a word is spoken for the 1st 30 minutes as we watch Wall-E go about his daily business. Its truly fantastic.

    I would suggest you have a heart of stone if you don't get swept away in teh whole story of Eve and wall-E its just fantastic, and also a stark reminder of what could happen to our little planet. Maybe not for 1000 years, but it certainly could happen. The cool thing is teh film raises issues, but doesnt thrust them down your throat with cheap allegorical references (I'm looking at you Avatar!!!!).

    All in all this is a film for both adults & children, and certainly if you have a child under 3 they will go nuts for it mainly because teh majority of the film you are watching rather than listening to speaking. This may sound bizarre but trust me its not.

    This is up there for me with my favourite \PI - Toy Story, Finding Nemo & The Incredibles



    I cant believe the reviewer on here comparing Pearl Jam to Nirvana. Pearl Jam are a GREAT rock band but are no Nirvana!!! Their music could not be anymore different. Forget the term grunge. If you knew anything about these bands they all detested being pigeon holed under a stupid meaningless scene name. The only thing they had in common is they were from Seattle!! Also Pearl Jam were not responsilble for the birth of the scene, it was Mudhoney. Kurt Cobain wrote songs with soul which will still be listened to by kids in 100 years along with the beatles etc etc They are a landmark band. Ten is an absolute stonker of an album I would recommend it to anyone, also Vitology is another of their great albums But PLEASE will everyone stop comparing them to Nirvana, there is no comparison!!!!!!