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  1.  For Anyone Who Comes Across This Gem!


    This without doubt is my favourite serise of books i have ever read. I have read stephen king, ludlum, McCammon, Riely and more authors! but none have taken me into a world more beautiful and dangerous than brian lumley! I assure you once you buy this book and read it through you will be clawing to get the rest i have read 13 necroscope books and await anymore that mite be released!

  2.  For those in Doubt!


    Ok let me begin by saying i have been a gamer since i could lift a control i am hardcore into gaming and own every consol that has ever been released with the exception of the amstrad! i own all 3 next gen consols an though they are all very good you will find that the ps3 is the most promising and also the best consol out of the 3!

    Lets weigh it all up

    Wii- Its a kids entertainment system you have mario coming out but after that there will be a dry spell for how many years? it is more of a party consol!

    Xbox360- No doubt a great consol but after buying all the extra add ons (HD-Drive etc) you will find it costs more than a ps3 and with HD-Dvd losing the current battle against blue-ray is it even worth getting the drive? So that means your consol can't play movies! In terms of graphics they are near enough equal with the ps3 being slighty better but over all more powerful. In terms of games the xbox has had a full year ahead of sony to release games and with the exception of Gears Of War have failed to deliver any really worth while games. We are just seeing old titles revamped. You have HALO 3 which will be a big seller for the consol but after it gets boring it will collect dust. Also xbl (Xbox live) is a pay yearly to play.

    Now lets look at the ps3

    It is over all the most superior consol boasting the best graphics and the most power. It comes with an in-built blue ray play (no need to buy an addon) which would set you back 400-900 pounds on its on. Its online service is free and though just starting is proving to be the best, and with the release of Home this august it will take online gaming and inter-action to an entier new plane surpassing that of the 360 and wii. In terms of games right now not many stand out but if you look at the release dates before the year is out we are going to see many hugely anticipated games heading to the ps3 like Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, Heavenly sword, Lair, White Knight story etc. So in terms of games there will be a wide selection very soon.

    So baring in mind i am a nutrual consumer who owns all 3 consols and will buy the next 3 next-gen consols! overall PS3 would be the winner because given a small amount of time and the release of home the ps3 will take you to a new level of gaming which neither the wii nor 360 can match! and all this for only 499!