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  1.  Brilliant


    I saw this last night and its been a while since I heard an audience scream! Im a veteran horror fan and usually can anticipate the JUMP but yes it got me on more than one occasion and I found myself laughing with fright! Thats a sign of good horror. Its not a slasher more of the Exorcist genre.
    DONT miss this one.

  2.  A Must!!


    Any rock fan who likes no fuss, no frills rock MUST listen/own this CD! I was fortunate to go and see them at Manchester Apollo and it will go down as one of the best live performances Ive seen in along time, and great fun too! Yes they remind us of what AC/DC used to be like - and there is nothing wrong with that - but their own sheer hard work of constantly touring and writing tongue in cheek songs with classic guitar riffs has put a big smile on this old rockers face.

    Keep it up lads and see you next time.

  3.  ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    I went to the cinema to see this expecting an interesting story about Darwin. It was a story but interesting it certainly was'nt. It was well acted and the sets,locations were excellent but I just didnt get it and from the amount of zzzz I heard in the cinema I certainly wasnt on my own!

  4.  Brilliant


    Gritty, funny, shockingly violent at times but ultimately very enjoyable! No need to follow football to enjoy this feel good movie about a hard luck desperate guy who is at his wits end with his kids, debts etc.. and finds escapism with his chats to Cantona and his 'pearls of wisdom'. The ending had me in hysterics!!

  5.  Garbage!


    I m a huge fan of jackass - ive got all the dvds/ tshirt etc.. But this is rubbish. Its not off the cutting room floor, but the bin!
    Apart from preston's king kong remake - which gives this review its only deserved star the rest of the stunts dont work and usually end with an embarassing silence, cue the church bell/ wind blown bush.

    Its all badly sown together with interviews with various cast members/ hangers on including an ever so smug bam outside paramount studios.

    Number 2 was brilliant! Better than 1 in my opinion.

    Number 2.5 well it is number 2

  6.  Superb!!!!!!!


    If you like films like Midnight Express, Papillon, Shawshank Redemption then this is for you.

    Superbly cast - Cristian Slater as a novice lawyer, Kevin Bacon as Henri Young and the evil butcher of a warden Gary Oldman are just brilliant and totally believable.

    The scene I always remember is when the warden walks into the court room, the gaze of fear from Bacon and the look of of smugness from Oldman is just electric.

  7. Leon



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    One of the most enjoyable films I own. To make a professional assassin look cute AND you want him to kill 'everyone' is pure genius.

    Gary Oldman has got to be one of the best bad guys in modern times and I wish he had more roles like this. Not soppy cop as in Batman. HE should be a master villain.

    Natalie Portmans debut is outstanding as the young victim and Jean Reno has you laughing and smiling but also has you crying.

  8.  Pan's Boy


    Loved the first one - plenty of humour and an easy plot to follow. This sadly reminded me what happend with Pitch Black. Take an easy to follow story line and throw shed loads of money at it and go over the top with CGI - Hey look what we can do!! And you loose the plot on the way.

    Guillermo del Torro is brilliant with special effects we know but this is like Pan's Labyrinth meets Hellboy. It gets too clever for itself.

    Ive not met an over 12 year old yet who understood it. Apart from the effects and a couple of cute one liners like me they just didn't get it.

  9.  No No No!!


    The rework of the original was excellent I thought but this is rubbish.

  10.  Welcome back!


    This is a good AC/DC album but by no means the best. Its the best since flick of the switch in my opinion though.

    Big Jack, Wheels, She Likes Rock n Roll all jump out at first listening and Anything Goes has to be released as a single.

    The suprise for me was the bluesy melodic Rock n Roll Dream - love it!

    Interestingly Brian didn't pen anything and with him saying this is his last tour this cant mean the end of DC?? Angus and Malcolm are the backbone of this band and there's no reason why the show shouldn't go on. Im sure a certain tattoed Mr Anderson may be licking his lips over the prospect of stepping in. (He even has the right height) Carry on AC/DC.