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  1.  Best Mario Kart for DS yet!


    This new mario kart introduces some great new items (like fireballs), and also allows you to glide through the air and go underwater. The 3D graphics are great and the game is easy to pick up and play. The online multiplayer feature is good, I'm on a 2mb connection and it didn't even feel like it was lagging at all. You can also play with friends via download play, so even if your friend doesn't have the game they can play along with you (even on the grand prix mode). You can even customise the wheels on your cart and the type of glider you're using. This gives people the chance to not just unlock carts & characters but wheels and gliders too!
    This game is good fun and I'd recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed Mario Kart on Wii or the DS. It's a great new addition to the mario series!

  2.  Great little USB


    This USB is very small, not much bigger than my thumb. However, it somehow manages to fit 16gb into this tiny space! I've not had any problems with it, after owning one for a couple of weeks now. It works well and I would certainly recommend to anyone looking for a high capacity small usb key.

  3.  Great game to increase fitness


    After owning Wii Fit & Plus, then buying 'My fitness Coach', the latter didn't even compare. The graphics weren't as good, and it felt too difficult. This made me think that this game probably wouldn't be as good as Wii Fit. However, I was wrong.

    EA Sports Trainer is a great game, possibly better than Wii Fit. I've had the game for a week now, and everyday I have been motivated to go back to EA Sports Active to do my workout and fill in my journal. The workouts themselves are great, I've opted for the '30 Day Challenge', which consists of a 20 minute workout everyday and burns around 100 calories. After the workout I always feel like I've actually done something, and that I have thoroughly worked my body (and this is on low intensity!).

    I feel as though it is better than Wii Fit because it produces a decent workout for you everyday, with varying exercises and pushes you to work out the hardest you can. It makes you want to come back to it day after day because you feel like you're achieving something.

    The exercises are easy to follow along, however, you do need to make sure you hold the wii remote still when needed, as it does delay the exercise by a few seconds while you get 're-instructed'. Sometimes I move too quickly, and this does upset the game a tad.

    The accessories that come with the game are great. The resistance band is fine for me, I noticed other reviews said it didn't provide enough resistance, you can change this by doubling it over or shortening it. However, the way it is, is perfect for me. The leg strap is good, however when I'm running it does sometimes work its way down my leg. And if I do tighten it up enough, it starts to feel like my circulation is being cut off a bit. But for most exercises it seems to be alright. There is also an adjustment strap for people with slightly smaller thighs.

    Really great game, very pleased with it. Really feel like a combination of the 30 day workout and a good diet will help me to slim down a bit!