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  1.  Great Live, Great Audio!


    This is the 09' album you must have for autumn. Track one is catchy throughout, especially the guitar riff. Track two is my favourite, with some brilliant bass and drumming. Track three is one i've seen them do live, and the bassest gets some very strange sounds which really fit the song, so melodic. Track four is a fitting end to what is only a 43 minute offering. I normally play the last track twice because I just don't want this beauty to end! I know i'll be playing this all through the cold months ahead, and you can to.

  2.  After a few listens it all falls into place, priceless!


    Only Steven Wilson can pull off an album like this. Let me explain, being a Porcupine Tree fan since 1993, I' ve seen Steven progress from a talented musician to a Worldwide legend, and to keep this all under the radar of social stardum! The man should be up there with the best of them! The quality on this album is very high, you have truelly taken me back to the beginning with this release Steven, Like being given a second chance by your friends and peers, it makes you feel rebourn! A journey I'm willing to take again and again. You deserve every piece of credit from this release, I wish you well my friend.

  3. Spoke


    Calexico - CD

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     8 Track Bliss!


    Eight Track, as in these songs were recorded on an 8 Track in 1995, and let me tell you, they are as well preserved as a good wine or cheese! I have most Calexico albums, but this one must have slipped the radar. It's great, most tracks are a little over 2 minutes, the whole album just 44 minutes long, but soo worth it. Any Calexico fans out there should buy this to add to their collection, if they haven't already!

  4.  Great buy for 2009.


    I hate to make comparisons but to give you post rock fans an idea, think God Speed You Black Emp versus Explosions in the Sky! For 53 minutes you really feel as with GSYBE albums the hurt and poverty that some areas of America has become, How Lonely Sits the City title is a clue to what your going to get. To be fair though, comparisons over, they are in a league of their own, the drumming is fantastic, the string arrangments are just haunting and on the very final track they stamp their mark on what is truely an epic just shy of an hour journey. Haedphone music to the max.

  5.  Can't put it down!


    I agree with the other reviewist that Calexico's last album Garden Ruin wasn't great and I also agree that their latest offering is a return to form, but I would go further and say that for me this is their best work to date! I love the female vocal on some of the tracks, to really give it that Spanish or Mexican feel, and right from the word go, the first song, you get the feeling that your part of something huge, a party celebration or at a festival in one of the small tents! This has had daily plays on my MP3 since it's release and I'm just so pleased, probably best album of the year for me so far, and oh yeh, I love the front cover!!

  6.  Sale Item, Buy Now!


    This is one of the only albums in my collection that I keep coming back to, it is Courtney Love's finest moment. Killer tracks throughout but Celebrity Skin, Malibu and Awful really stand out here. So part with £2.99 today, because you won't regret it!!

  7.  Porcupines at their very best!


    This is a short e.p and yes could be put with Fear of a Blank Planet but I quite like it as an E.P, this has to be the best I've heard the band sound, it's as though the lads have had their restraints taken off for half an hour, for me it will grow on me more than the album! and I'm gutted that they didn't play any of these tunes when I saw them play in Cambridge last year!

  8.  Nice to see they have not lost it!


    The album has both sides of Underworld, the very vocal side, with repetative vocal speall, and the excellent dance instrumental side. If you don't like all the waffle of Lager, Lager, Lager! then highlights of the album and ones to download are: Track 1 Crocodile, Track 2 Beautiful Burnout, Track 4 To Heal, Track 6 Glam Bucket and the last Track Best Mamgu Ever. Enjoy.

  9.  A love letter to the Lakes


    Top read this, with lovely text and drawings from Wainwrights work he devoted thirty years to bring the reader possibly the best guide to the Lake District. A bonus for me is that over half of the climbs mentioned I've been up, including: Great Gable, Scarfell Pike and Haystacks. Makes me want to do it all over again!

  10. Ma Fleur

    Ma Fleur

    Cinematic Orchestra - CD

    20 New from  £6.34  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £11.73

     Soundscape to Life itself!


    This really suprised me, as the other reviewists said it's different from their other albums but do you know what, with this the band will not only keep the fan base they've already got but will capture a whole new audience. In places the music is almost haunting, in others it's like Moby, the piano edge stuff, I will be playing this lots and lots!