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  1.  FUN!!


    this game has so much fun factor and i can see why, just roll up everything in your path, music is brilliant, so hard to explain all you need to know good music and fun it kept me playing 2 in the morning o,0

  2.  Woh!


    like matt74 said it not to be comparaid to CoD4, the reasons are simple, it a total differnent game and it aims a different audience, CoD4 is made for poeple who play serious and likes to hide. and that works really well like battlefield it made for the poeple who loves explosions and no camping just pure manic. and the graphics are up to PS3 standard, like when you shoot a tree half way it cracks where you shoot it, also the sound effect are amazing, when you in the house the sound of your gun or rockets it echos like it would do and you alway suffer from the explosions defness. there was two things that let me down on this, you cant really shot though walls but instead you can blow then up so that make one problem then and that is the online, only one game mode which is fun and it works but i suffer from lag a lot and i normally have crisp connection, maybe they sort this out near future.
    its a must buy

  3.  nice..but missing..


    it has great graphics to close to realism but thats good, very cool cars on like ford gt (my favorite) and the concept cars are awesome. great vaule for money £17. i wasn't complaining but when i got this game, grid just came out unfortunly it just shows one thing that Gran Turismo team has missed out on...Damage. the online is great but prepearing for games can take a while and you have to race in all the same cars, you also must of complete all the classes before going online part from the begginers class online.
    over 4/5 because they just simply miss damage and should intro sponsers and engine upgrade etc but not to much to ruin the game.
    good jon Gran Turismo team =P

  4.  ok


    it was realy good all the way though till the director must think "oh dear we gotta end this film" then they finish it with such a bad ending, part from that it's one the most gory films i seen for a 15 rated, acting was ok, effect was realy amazing, camera work was realy cleaver
    if you like to look at the cold weather in 30 nights and want to watch a bad ending then this film is made for you!
    renting it would make more sence than buying

  5.  interstng


    the film was extraordinary all the way through, one thing that let it down was lenth of the film, it was bit too long, but it shocked me it was base on true story, staring russel crow and denzel washington they both worked well in the film, acting was brill, camera work effective, addictive all the way through, well worth the buy if you wanna know how 1st black gangster become the richest drug baron known in USA history

  6.  SWEET!


    my favorite cartoon movie so far, i think it beats shrek for me, but thats just me. well worth for family entertainment, it one of those film where you can watch it over and over agian without getting bored, basic story but very well put, cleaver, funny and make you wanna explore your tastebuds. nothing more i can say part from BUY IT!

  7.  meh


    this film i thought was made for the fairy tale people, i watch this film on a plane, the acting was ok, storyline is very basic but it works, camera shots and effect are astonishing, and you can predict the ending of the film to easy.
    worth the buy if you like these kinda of films

  8.  just another spoof


    this film under resident evil terms was terrible, all action, had no story line part from when she walks in her old room(No.1) , and made a bad cliff hanger where they might make a 4th one so they just can milk money
    not worth the buy, maybe rent it.

  9.  shocked


    i looked into this game for a while since i love tony hawks games. they have put more realistic features such as grinding on curbs and cant skate up the stairs, also "nail the trick" is good for the wii features and hard to make a perfect trick, the remotes are hard to get use to at 1st but it's must have game. must HAVE!!

  10.  OK,ish


    it was amazing at 1st but after 5 months with me i just didnt want to work, overall it good looking little thing but its overated for what it is and expensive for what it is as well 5/10