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  1.  One of the best Eurovisions yet and one of the cheapest!


    This is the cheapest I have seen a Eurovision DVD preorder and also it has an AMAZING 3 DISCS! This is deifnately worth the money if you are a fan of Eurovision. You can watch unforgettable peformances of not only the 3 hour final but the 2 semi-finals. The extras look great as well, music videos and an interview of the winning act (a tradition to Eurovision DVDs) . I have preordered my copy already. Why dont you?
    ***** stars (5)

  2.  My favourite film of all time!


    This is my favourite film of all time. Popeye is a great film, with a great cast, set, soundtrack and even more.

    Sweethaven. A perfect place to live. Beside the sea. A quiet place where everyone can relax. That is, until POPEYE arrives. Finally someone for OLIVE OYL to fall in love with and BLUTO to beat up.

    You have to watch it to love it!

    ***** (5) Stars

  3.  A Classic from when I was Young!


    When I was little my mother used to put this on for me ALL THE TIME. Of course, me being little, I had no idea what it was about. Just bob sledding and Jamaicans. As I got older I carried on watching it and got hooked for a few years just watching the same film over and over again.

    Now, if I watch it I still become hooked and the jokes are hilarious. John Candy and Doug E. Doug (Sanka) have to be my 2 favourite characters in it. Just because they are so funny.

    A group of Jamaicans set off to become Jamaica's first bob sled team. They go through the high and lows and manage to get through to the finals. Based on a true story I believe.

    ***** (5) stars!

  4.  Love every minute of it!


    I bought Meet The Robinsons last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. I think the story is great with many shocking suprises in. Also the special features are great on the DVD just as any other Disney film. It has the making of, all about inventors, sing alongs and many more. Thanks Disney for another classic.
    ***** stars

  5.  Great Film! Great Series!


    I loved this film as much as the other 2. Truly a great film and series!

  6.  Great! Have just ordered it!


    Loved the film and love the soundtrack! Great! A must buy! The music does go better with the visuals but the music is still good on it's own.
    ***** stars

  7.  Great Soundtrack to a great film!


    Great Soundtrack to a great film!
    What else can I say?
    ***** stars (5)

  8.  This season made me buy the box set Charmed Seasons 1-8


    I loved this series every minute I watched it! Buy it now!!
    Only £16.99 or buy the complete seasons 1-8!!
    ***** stars (5)

  9.  Excellent all round


    What is wrong with this DVD?
    It's absolutely perfect. I especially like the case which looks like a book and the picture book is really good itself.
    Loved the case, book and the film!
    DEFO WORTH £17.99!

  10.  Very Dissapointing!


    The acting is really bad and the film doesn't really kick in until about 1 hour through (when the Queen of the Damned awakes) which is over 2/3 through.
    All in all I would pay about 50p at the most for it.
    Very bad!
    * star