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  1.  An amazing conclusion to and amazing series of books


    Initially bought the first of these books Pawn of Prophecy because of its praise from christopher paolini, and to say the least iwas cautious, but after the prologue i was hooked and have read all of the books including this amazing conclusion to the series a great buy and definately to any coming of age fantasy readers

  2.  could have done much better if they had more time


    it looked promiseing for the first 30 seconds before i started up a mission . the graphics are out dated and the gameplay and missinon structue are terrible the only good part of the game are its transformation sequeces.
    wase of time and money

  3.  Great game great ride


    Great game incredibly updated from the average pgr 3 the new sigle plaer is much more involving and the incredible online play returnes. not much els haschanged as the bikes do not make a great deal of differance exept making the game easier and you can ram them off the road. but overall 10/10 great game Must Buy
    Totally fun amazing experiance

  4.  Great fun but better than need for speed?


    This game is great especially the driver dna feature which gives the racesr the oppertunity to get better as they drive better. The betting system is good as it allows you to set up any bet with any player for a number of things e.g most drift who wins. The car custamising has also been imptroved to allow for a greter renge of custamisable options in my opinion a must by for any street racing fan..

  5.  Best game ever on live


    This game is amazing and before i write the rest can i say to people who finish it WATCH PAST THE CREDITS!!! The single player has a more epic fell thant the previous two halos which makes the game much more fast paced and unrelenting but the best part of the game is the multiplayer.
    Some people may say it has not changed since Halo 2 but that is a good thing it is the best most playes live game of all time how can you criticise it??
    For me 10/10 the perfect end to a perfect trilogy.
    You mut buy this game and finish the fight...

  6.  Great non stop action


    Admitadly a bit short bbut it is a rollarcoaster ride from ther first min till the last. Great Techilla bomb special moves are hilarius specialy the precision aim. (go for the man parts)
    A must buy game for a John Woo fan 8/10
    Gamertag: GRANTblade

  7.  Great Fun and A LONG lasting game


    great battle system and storyline somer times the battles can be very challenginging such as the battle with the emperor of fire. But these are also very rewading and can be beaten if you use your brain. A great game for rpg fans one off the best.

  8.  Great Game


    love the online challenges and the way ou can hit the spectators is funny . the confidence meter is good and tels you how you can improve in the future a definate improvement on last years game a must buy

  9.  a revelutionary shooter


    this game is amazing the hundreds of combenations of gene toxins ,plasmids and wepons is unbelivable this game gives you complete control over how to dispose of your many enemies or even turn them against on another and watch them battle it out. The graphics are truely next genand the water phsics are the best i have everseen. With a twist at the end. A must buy!!

  10.  Great Music


    Keane is one of my favorite artists and this is his best album it is great. The are some relly good lyrics and tuns in the songs which are great..