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  1.  Alright for its type


    Took 5 hours to complete the game, and im someone who isnt fantastic when it comes to games. The graphics are quite good, but the game feels very guided. Its a little like walking down a path, there is little thinking involved with the game for it is stright forward and follows a route layed down by the designers. you cant get lost in this game. Its challangeing occasionally when some creatures wont die.

    I found that it was a game based on a film, that is based on a book, so if you want to live the life of eragon as you saw it in the book, its not the game for you. the story line is very simple, and needs no knowladge of what the game is about. time scales are short and the game goes off the stroy line a little for example going into the dragon riders watch towers, that never happens in the book or film, but this is an area where you it challanges you on your use of spells.

    Things that are good about this game:

    - Chaning scenes - ice, snow, mountains, desert
    - Graphics of the scenes which are made between each chapter
    - mini games in the menu
    - controll of the dragon as well as the main character

    Bad points
    - can only save at save points
    - the missions layed down by other characters are always intterupted by the main flow of the game.
    - dosent follow the story line as well

    If you want a game that will amuse you for a coupple of days, for £10 its reasonable. free dilivery, go for it.

  2.  blue saphire


    this phone is awsome.

    i brought this phone on a contract and i think it is just beautiful.

    it has the edge of design to it.

    i have owned mine for 5 months and still not a scratch on it. the glass front acts like amirror, copied by LG Shine.

    This phone requires no casing, provided you dont plan on takein a dimond ring to it.

    the features are up to date, and th added memary make it a good alternative to an MP3 player, with loud good quality speakers for its size.

  3.  controll in a few steps


    i found that i had no controll of this helicopter, but after adding a few aliminuum stickers to the nose of the helicopter, it flew like a dream. although with stickers it is not as attractive, it is better than a wirl wind helicopter.

    well worth it for the money and a graet peice of tecnollogy.

    has a lil flashing light where the pilot would sit wich i think is a cute lil extra.

  4.  disapointing


    i saw these with the colouful packaging, n i thought, WOW well worth it,

    but i recived it, and found it quite dissapointing, the box looked like it belonged better in mother care.

    these do not show the beetles to be a good band, it puts shame to the music, to buy this item is good for the non ssurported, so all thoes R&B fans, this is the one for you!