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Product Reviews

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  1.  Cant get much better for this outstanding price.


    This is a very underrated game i would say, its very good and very challenging, unless you are playing on the low setting. Very good game for the price, a must buy in my books

  2.  Brillient


    Game is amazing and never really gets old. There is always something you could do thats new if not you will always find something to kill with that you have not used before. I have my 1000G in this game and it was hard to get, Not the best game for easy gamerscore but this game is a blast and is one of the best on the Xbox at this point in time.

  3.  Great Item


    This is slick and smart, Very useful and very fast. A must have for anyone with a wireless router.

  4.  amazing game


    This game is perfect in everyway. The only bad thing is that the online comminity 80% of the time are rude and insulting to other people. I rearly play a game when there isnt 2 or more people say crap about one another its boring and very childish. This game is amazing and brillient except that one little issue.

  5.  Fantastic


    I played the demo and it was fantastic, The guns are awesome the graphics are awesome and the special knife kills are amazing with there little annimations very well done. This game is a def buy as its amazing and the multiplayer sounds awesome with the standard multiplayer modes with AI dinosours running about in the jungles. Sounds so good and i cant wait.

  6.  Looks awesome


    I played the demo on Xbox live and it was awesome, I loved almost everything about it. 1 thing that i hated about it was that you only have 1 handgun making the whole shooting expirience in my eyes, very boring. I hope there are loads of different guns in the game or you can pick up another pistol. Excluding that the game was awesome, a def buy.

  7.  Over-rated


    This is one of the most over-rated game ever. The campain is boring once you have done it once and the online play isnt that much better, its full of people that just melee all the time, however the online play plays and feels better than a lot of shooters already on the market,

    Overall i enjoyed the game online and offline for about a week and then i traded mine in. Its nothing special.

  8.  Very good game.


    This game is recomended however the save time is long, it loads when you enter an area and this can be really annoying.