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  1.  Saw this on the cinema this year for a very limited time!


    I must say the picture quality for this was just perfect it was like watching a brand new film all over again so I have no doubt the blu ray will be even better.....they have really cleaned it up...can't wait!

  2.  Mixed feelings really


    Ok firstly I started off playing the first modern warfare which was brilliant. Then played world of war (probably the best one so far) and was the first to get modern warfare 3. I personally like shooters ie mw or battlefield, so took the plunge and purchased this. Ok the graphics are polished up but to be totally honest that's about it! It's like yes there are certain elements of black ops bit of waw thrown into mw2 and called it mw3. It does take a little while longer to shoot someone down.
    There are quick scopers and people who just want to rush the game, but there's nothing refreshing about it. I'm not a bf3 fan or cod fan both are to very different games if you like the fast action or quick scoping types just for fun the mw3 is for you, if you enjoy tactical team work operating tanks vehicles flying jets helicopters mortor strikes and have a vast big maps which are FREE to download then battlefield 3 is a one to go for.....ps I am only going by multiplayer only on both games (simply coz I don't play single player much)

  3.  The Force is strong on this Blu Ray


    Firstly just got this set and was very impressed from what I've seen. Though I've only watched episode four (probably my favourite) the colours are very good black is deep but sharp too. It looks somewhat too cleaned up but I think it looks great. Haven't really got round to seeing the other movies, the actual box set was nice and the small film cell was good the one I got was the episode iii one where obi 1 and skywalker clash it's a famous scene wonder if there all like it!

    But buy this one as it's on the best format available!

  4.  It's got it's creepy moments


    I remember trying to find this film at a boot fair many years ago. And managed to track it down I loved the eerie oping title especially the music, which gives it a old ghost story sound. There's one particular scene when the mother sees her daughter look at her and walk up the stairs when she is dead. Watch out for a early appearance by Meg Ryan

  5.  The Horror you been wating for in Hi-Def!!


    Well firstly I been a fan since I was about 12 years old yes 12! And friday the 13th has always stuck out in my mind I never seem to get bored with this. Ok to todays standards some people may disagree, it may not be as good. But you have to put yourself back to 1980 when this film was todays standards then! But all in all a great late night film to watch and even more so in High Def! The colours are bright and very vivid sometimes the night scenes are back to dvd standards but remember this is 30 years old! All in all a great add to any Friday the 13th fan!

  6.  Nice little collection


    As a fan of Michael thought this to be a good little collection but if you want more a "complete" collection all i can do is suggest to get the "HiStory" collection which has all his videos and the uncut ones too!

  7.  Outstanding blast from the past!


    Well I cant believe theres been no reviews for this classic so I might aswell do it! I dont know why i like this film bit awkward to review its one of those late night movies you would see on BBC or ITV in the 80s! Which is why it stuck out in my mind. overall a good 70s horror if your in the mood!

  8.  Absolutely Brilliant! A+++++++++


    I really dont know what the other reviewer meant saying this was rubbish come if you saw the original many years ago and didnt like it then what makes people think this will be different? Im actualy a fan of the Friday the 13th movies and when i heard they were remaking this I thought "Oh noooo" Dont get me wrong The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was actually quite good so I did have faith in Micheal Bays team....I walked into the cinema with a open mind too, hoping to be dissapointed but surprisingly not... Though thought Jason had slightly long screen time as to what you dont see is more creepy. But all in all if your a fan of the genre BUY THIS one!! Happy Friday the 13th!

  9.  Probably better than Schindler's List


    Firstly Though Schindlers list was a excellent film and focused on more of Schindler himself,Escape from Sobibor tells the story of this death camp which in some places is very disturbing but very well filmed on probably quite a small budget compared to Schindlers list.. I personally prefer this and saw it years before spielbergs blockbuster.. This movie is more about courage and survival in which takes place in a very brutal death camp. Buy this one and it will change you forever....Acting and performance is a A+++++

  10.  A Brilliant TV and More!!


    Well ive had this tv for a little while since the beginning of the year simply because our old Sony Triniton was finally going with screen bleeding. And I can say it is a lovely tv if you get a dvd player (Standard one) get one with a HDMI it will not only inhance the quality but wont get pixilated. The sound is ok not as inhanced as my old sony, so a home theatre would not be a bad idea. I also love the picture in picture idea always wanted one which done that since the 80s! You can "stretch" the screen things that in widescreen. And also has a SRS sound system built in which is cool.. But definately get this one you will love it!!