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  1.  Had the white version of these, very good


    Good sound quality (as should be expected for bud headphones), they are good for listening to bassy music too :)
    They do stay in my ears very well, I have done running with them and its been a very secure fit. Totally noise cancelling, so they're good to "escape" from your surroundings.

    Only problem is i've lost the ear buds from them :/ not really the fault of the headphones, more of me being clumsy. There doesn't seem to be anywhere to order new buds.

    Ordering 2 pairs of these now, fantastic price they're double everywhere else.

  2.  Good price and does everything without problems


    Very good quality build, feels solid not like these white plastic netgear ones you see in shops this thing looks and feels like it will last.

    Me and my brother use this for LAN gaming (closed network) and I also use it for supplying my various devices with internet.

    Good product, good price, no problems.

  3.  great game, all down to taste though


    I personally enjoyed the majority of the setlist
    thats what makes or breaks the game for you really

    google "greatest hits setlist" if you don't like the songs then its not for you

  4.  Good if you have a virus.... otherwise pap


    I downloaded the free trial of this, I ran a scan it picked up things that I KNEW weren't viruses and tried quarantining them without my permission, leading to a game (lineage2) to stop working.

    it did not find a legitimate virus, however I am rather careful with my downloads and haven't had one in years.

    So I cannot really comment on its ability to detect viruses, I am simply letting you know about its annoying tendency to find something and tell you its a trojan when its not! The standard computer user would see the word trojan and click heal quickly, and potentially damage sections of their software collection.

  5.  Great!


    The massive size 8GB means you can literally dump nearly all of the my music folder into this thing, and it has really good compatability plays any media format without check.

    The volume is high enough, but not as high as other MP4 players such as the iPOD, but iPOD's are banned in some countries because they can seriously damage your ears, this MP4 player respects your ears.

    I use this to play videos (theres lots of software out there that can convert DVD and even avi/wma files into mp4 which looks amazing - virtually the same quality as that spiderman trailer you get on this. Very nice screen surpasses any iPOD screen - I reccomend xilisoft they have a range of products which with a bit of tweaking can create the perfect video files for this)

    Its very small, yet screen is big enough. I have watched movies on this thing while travelling and I had no desire for a larger screen. Really easy to use interface

    and... what I think is the best feature this MP4 player can play for what 36hours nonstop before the battery dies, and about 9 hours on video, i can literally go 4 weeks of casual use (20 - 200mins a week) and not charge it up.

    Only annoying thing is it doesn't come with a wall socket charger, you must charge through USB, think you can buy a wall charger though...

  6.  Great game


    This game targets a specific group of gamers, and I must say it does so extremely well!!

    Graphically brilliant, good interactive options and control of the boats. I wasn't originally a fan of boat simulator games, but I tried this and it worked for me :).

    It does exactly what it says on the box! 10/10

  7.  Badly aimed product


    I think its a bad idea to try and replace the keyboard. I have played FPS games for long periods of time, and I don't agree that it feels cramped. If anything it feels very spacious, I have buttons very advantageously placed all around my hand, also I have a whole keyboard full of buttons which I can use for extra hotkeys in games.

    This pad basically is giving you the left side of the keyboard chopped out, you lose a lot of extra buttons, and the buttons aren't all that greatly designed.

    Personally I see PC gaming as using keyboard and mouse, not some customised controller with limited buttons for programmable game use.

    But saying all this, I have large hands, maybe some people can't reach buttons further to the right of WASD.

  8.  Just gotta say WOW


    This game not only looks good, but it plays good! The troops will take cover behind fences, rocks, dead cows, by your direction or by themselves if the cover points are near them. The tanks look great and just drive straight through walls crushing them to hell.

    Yes the game is hard to play once you get into the skirmishes, the enemies actually present a challenge and will play with a strategy rather than just blind group attacks at your base like on older RTS games.

    This game just pushes all the right buttons for an RTS, its more realistic, looks great and the game play is good. AND its in WW2 my favourite game era, this is a very popular game era where weapons are limited it gives a chance to get more strategic warfare rather than in modern set games where you would apply a nuclear warhead or something very powerful, it removes all that and gives you raw combat and a chance to apply strategic attack and defense.

  9.  Stopped short of expectations


    Graphically this game is limited, people say "its meant to be like that" but isn't that just an excuse for the game makers to make poor graphics in their game?

    At first when you play, it seems good, but the map system is rubbish its hard to navigate as you can only see the region your in and not actually as a pinpoint location like other MMO's.

    After leaving the newbie zone, I was thrown into confusion, the quests only describe where you need to go and I got lost constantly, and I could not find myself on the map so I had no idea where I was...

    Lineage2 was much better than this game, despite being older they have updated the graphics engines with the FREE (yes free) expansions. Also in Lineage 2 the map system is very good, it shows you EXACTLY where you are, and theres a clear picture as to where you need to go. Theres even an arrow above your head if you choose to display it, when navigating to a quest location.

    I have viewed the high lvl armours on this game, and they don't look mouth watering like on L2, on L2 the high level armours have reflective surfaces, and really look amazing really worth working for them.

    The game would be good if it wasn't beaten down by its competitors, I bet about 95% of the people who play WoW have never even played Lineage 2, there is better things out there than WoW. WoW was really publicised Lineage 2 is the less known, but BETTER (in my opinion) MMORPG game.

  10.  Great game


    Really good game, nice graphics, and good gameplay. It boasts a wide range of weapons which are fun to use, the British SA80 is on here only named different.

    This is one of those good games, that emerges from the ranks of other shooters, and for this price its well worth it.