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  1. NHL 10

    NHL 10


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     not the best


    I had great anticipation for 2010 version of NHL but after a day or two with it I have to say I'm rather disappointed with it.
    It's lost in my opinion the most important factor of a great hockey game and that's gameplay, sure there are a couple of new touches added in for extra realism but the fluid,fast and exciting part of itseems to have been changed or left out.
    The players don't seem to react as responsively and are so slow on ice particularly online it just seems like its on slow motion.
    I'm afraid its not a scratch on the 2009 version.Sorry EA.

  2.  buy it!


    Been a streetfighter fan for years but never any good at the game. I was quite sceptical about spending my money on a game i assumed would just be like previous versions dressed up with funkier graphics.I can tell you now that was the wrong assumption ,this game ROCKS! i am still poor at it but it is not stopping me from playing it hours on end.Graphics are superb and with the gameplay being so smooth it just makes for a great gaming experience. Hardened SF fans won't be disappointed thats for sure and for the novices ,there is a steep learning curve but don't let that put you off, the gameplay and graphics will definetely draw you back in to have that "1 more fight " mentality. The on-line feature certainly adds extra longevity to the game not that it was needed but it certainly played very smoothly everytime i was on, which for a fighting game is so crucial , there's nothing worse than a jittery fight with an on line opponent. There is only the 1 flaw i can think of if i really wanted to be picky and that is the animation/graphics for the cut in scenes are a bit mid ninties style making it look slightly dated but that aside this is a definete worthy purchase, plenty of fighting in it to make sure it's money well spent.

  3.  bbc brillance


    Well done to the bbc once again on providing us with yet another superb series filled with tremendous camera shots, stunning scenery and as with every other bbc documentary a very in depth and educational watch.

  4.  absolute brilliance


    Whether you have any interest in our planet's environment or not you just simply have to have this disc.picture quality is simply jaw dropping!! With amazing camera work involved.
    Prepare to learn what mother nature is all about....

  5.  back to being brilliant


    Am i glad i talked myself into buying this game.have been a fan of this genre and title for many years but felt that the ps2 version was lacking somewhat and maybe it had reached its peak on the dreamcast and could never be bettered but this version is an absolute belter!!! Superb graphics married with super smooth and slick gameplay...games don't come any better than this.don't think..just go and buy!!!!!

  6. NHL 09

    NHL 09


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    Available  used  from  £1.81

     the best


    Best hockey game ever to grace any console system.graphically superior to 08 or any other year for that matter.gameplay is smooth fast and just simply awesome.be a pro mode is the icing on the cake.its simply a must have sports game even if you are not into hockey..i can assure you it will convert you into a hockey lover.just ask my brother in law....he'll tell you.