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  1.  A good game that suffers from Assassin's Creed Syndrome


    Ok first I would like to make two points. First I have actually completed this game (twice in fact) and secondly I am NOT out to slate it (as I imagine my 3 star review might ruffle some feathers among the blinkered idiots who often review games before ripping open the cellophane).
    The idea behind army of two is phenomenal. It is great to see developers thinking outside the box. For this I salute them and I hope they follow on from this title. The game itself is a solid 3rd person shooter with good graphics and co-op elements similar to split screen splinter cell. The story is intereting and involving and the banter between the main characters is amusing. In short for the first playthrough I can see why many people would give it 5 stars.
    However this game suffers from 'Assassin's Creed Syndrome' - ie: 'Good but could have been so much more'. Firstly the level of co-operation needed between the characters is minimal. Apart from helping each other onto the odd ledge you can basically ignore your partner for the whole game. Where was the forklift driving and the rappelling as shown in the video? The step jump and ripping car doors off for shields was about the limit of it. As far as vehicles was concerned a couple of mediocre efforts at chases in a hovercraft was all that was on offer.
    Apart from the severely limited opportunitiesfor co-operation the other biggest let down (and this is NOT unique to Army of Two, it seems to be standard nowadays) and that is that it's so damn short! Every game these days (cod 4, MGS series etc etc) are great games but are over in the twinkling of an eye. This MASSIVELY hampers the replay value of army of two. I have played it twice with a friend online and apart from a period when it would keep losing our connectino it worked fine and was very enjoyable. However after completing it twice I am in no rush to go back to it any time soon.
    Overall I was left with a slight sense of dissappointment - I had been very much looking forward to this game as I love co-op, but Army of Two left me slightly frustrated as I know it is a good release for PS3 but it has the potential to be mindblowingly good. I hope they spend more time on the sequel as they are really on to something here. A longer less linear game with more emphasis on co-operative moves would surely rank Army of Two 2 (or should that be Army of Four???) among the greatest releases ever. This is why I have ranked it as 3 stars, as a game it is more like 4 but everyone who plays it must surely feel the untapped potential out there. Thanks for reading.

  2.  Very tough to review


    This title is a tough one to review and I can understand people both having positive and negative comments regarding this game. First let me say I am a huge fan of dynasty warriors and have played them since DW2. This latest installment has several positive and negative points that yo might want to consider before buying it so here goes:
    1) Enhanced grahics - theres no denying it looks far superior to its ps2 or for that matter its xbox 360 counterparts.
    2) Upgradeable characters - the character advancement is more like FF10 (as mentioned by another reviewer and he is spot on). I didn't mind the old 'pick ups' style of advancement but wach to their own and I will not say that this new style is a bad point.
    3) Bigger battles. There are many more enemies to kill. Whereas before getting to that elusive 1000 kills was cause to crack open a bottle of bollinger now you can easily hit the big 1K in every battle.

    However, and it saddens me to write this there are other issues which prospective buyers should know.
    1) Slowdown. It's true what has been written by other reviewers that once immersed in a large number of enemies the gameplay slows down dramatically. In some ways this looks quite cool as you see the peasant yo have juct walloped fly in slo-mo into the distance but I agree that it can be irritating.
    2) This is the biggie. Where have all the characters gone? Some (roughly 7) characters have been axed. Why? Who knows but this isn't my main moan. What really gets my goat is why out of the 41 characters yo can unlock only a few (precious reviewer says 17 and i'm in no position to contradict him) have musou modes. This SEVERELY limits the replay value of the game as you end up doing the same old sequences of battles over and over again.
    3) Weapons. Why has almost everyone had their weapon changed? Gone are the imaginative weaponry that graced the fields of ancient China in the first 5 installments. Now almost everyone has some form of stick/spear. Zhou Yu now has something that wouldn't look amiss in the arms of a baton twirler and what on earth is Sun Shang Xiang doing with that bow? That's another point, where has the R1 ranged attack gone?
    4) Bodyguards. We all loved to hate 'em as they stepped in desperate to steal your kills. DW6 has no bodyguards, although on the positive side you can now level up your horse.
    5) Other issues. Many characters look different. This might not be a totally bad thing but to those of you like me who have grown used to Guan Yu's long green robe or Zhang Fei's Gear (WHAT is he doing in that dress???) the familiar characters don't look so familiar. On this note it is worth mentioning that as in DW5 on 6 character's continue to be killed off in musou mode. I know this is more realistic and many people may enjoy this but personally I loved the way on 2, 3 &4 that Sun Jian, Liu bei and Cao Cao would always be there in the mix at every battle. It gave the game a nice familiarity.

    Ok if you made it through that lot congratulations. I would still recomend this game for fun and to play with a friend but there are things in there that in particular fans of the series might find irritating. Also most of the reviews out here are terrible one liners 'ace game' 'fantastic game' or 'terrible' etc and it was time someone stated all the pros and cons in a non biased fashion.
    This game while a good stress buster suffers from Assassin's Creed syndrome- 'Good but could have been sooooo much more'.

  3.  The Best From The Best


    I will keep this short and sweet - this is quite simply a colection of the best songs from the greatest rock band in the history of music. An essential for anyone who considers themselves to be a rock fan. This album shows the change in Guns sound from the early anger of Appetite for Destruction to the more thoughtful (but still awesome) tracks on the use you illusion double album. It is also the only (to my knowledge) cd which features the track to the film 'Interview with the Vampire'. This album shows the best of Axl's singing and the sheer talent of Slash on lead guitar, not to mention the quality from the other band members. Summary? - A nice balance of songs reflecting on the all too short and self destructive career of rocks greatest ever band. Ok, maybe it wasnt so short......