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  1.  Fantastic


    We all know what Bronson was like or im sure weve all heard of him at least.
    This is a great insight into what the guy is really like (if you watch the making off you'll see that the real Bronson had a lot of say in the film).
    Tom Hardy is amazing, his portral of Bronson is fantastic he got him spot on and is one hell of an actor.
    A must see

  2.  Fantastic


    Watched this film resently and i must say i thought it was brilliant.
    Its one of if not the best lesbian films ive ever seen, the story is great, the actors are fantastic with amazing chemestry.
    Its very funny, sweet and very romantic its just a shame it was never seen at the cinemas.
    A must see

  3.  Fantastic


    Just finished watching this movie and wow, its fantastic.
    It shows the true horror that was the holocaust, with a great friends between two 'enemies'.
    Im never one to get emotional but believe me whe i say i cried my eyes out like a little baby at the end of the movie, shocking ending.

  4.  Just OK


    I wasnt expecting too much from this movie but was suprised that it was quite good.
    Yes its lewd, crude and at sometimes gross but its got some humourous parts in it.
    I think the best part was with Justin Long as the gay porn star (he was fantastic in both his scenes which are near the begining and right t the end after the credits)

  5.  Amazing


    Id heard about this film but didnt think must of it really, untill i bought it a little while ago.
    The film for me is amazing, the stortline is fantastic, the acting is great and its just an all round amazing film.
    I love it so much im gonna say its my all time fav film (taken over from Battle Royale) ive recently bought the manga series and the books too, its a must have for anyone who wants a great story, clever and dark movie.

  6.  Great


    I really liked the first f.e.a.r game and this one is far better.
    Its gameplay is great and graphics are fantastic.
    Not to mention is scaryness and believe me it has its moments including right at the beginningwhen your going through the house (you know exactly what i mean).
    I think its a fantasic shooter with a pretty cool storyline.

  7.  love it


    Been waiting for this game for a while and as soon as it came out i got it.
    Its a great game, storyline is good, graphics are great and the gameplay is amazing.
    The amount of things you can do in this game are endless and it really shows the abillity the ps3 has.

  8.  Waste of money


    I was really looking forward to this game as i love the other prince of persias, i must admit i was a little worried i wasnt gonna like it as its all sketched and not like the others.
    First time playing it i really liked it i thought it looked amazing and played great, but unfortunatley after playing the game for a few hours i began to feel like i was going around in circles.
    Its very repetative, and although it remains stunning and plays great its just not worth the money.
    Your mission is to heal the fertile grounds with your new lady friend and thats pretty much it the game is very easy to complete too and you can only battle one thing at a time.
    Should have stuck to making it like the originals.

  9.  Dont bother


    I bought this as i loved most wanted and i was under the impression it was pretty similar to it.
    Well it isnt, the only thing thats the same is when you see a police car (the screen stops and it zooms to where the police car is) thats it.
    The graphics are not up to what they should be, the races are easy and the loading is a joke (it loads at every race).
    The only thing i liked were the cut scenes with the live action.
    I wouldnt bother buying it.

  10.  Fantastic


    Id been looking forward to this game for a long time and now its out it was worth the wait.
    Its a brilliant littlebig game, the graphics are great, the gameplay is fantastic and the character is adorable.
    You can customise the character so much which is great, the online is where its at though as the story mode can be over in a day.