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  1.  Better than sex


    I received this as a present from my girlfriend and to be honest I was dubious about the entertainment value in driving a large passenger vehicle around a large city, but literally 30 minutes in I was hooked.

    The graphics detail is amazing, and I've never been on a bus in my life but after playing this game I've sold my car and go everywhere on a bus, even if it's just for fun - not all the bus drivers i talk to have heard of this game but if they had played it, they'd soon get mixed up between playing this game and doing their real job!

    Anyway - the game is fantastic, unfortunately I spent so much time working out better routes and washing my virtual buses that my girlfriend left me - please could you soften the blow by bringing out an expansion pack, where you can run over cyclists and try to avoid being held up by robbers after the change.

  2.  must read


    not a fan of the band but they tell stories about sex drugs and rock and roll that will have you laughing out loud - these boys know how to party! read it from cover to cover last year in two days and was sad to finish it!

  3.  nice


    Great design, really good quality material, wore it for the first time the other day and got several compliments - what more can you ask for

    As for sizing - i'm 6'2" with a 43" chest and the large is a slim but not tight fit

  4.  total class


    To be honest this was the first pulp album i listened to, borrowed/stolen from a housemate about a year after it was released - apart from the first track which inexplicably does my head in, the rest of the album is a gem of pulps making, exuding innuendo, grime, malaise through the lyrics, but with such great musicianship and cockers dubious charms that you can't help but like it.

    rarely you come across an album which connect to, and this is one of the few I have - I still listen to it at least weekly and hopefully will continue to do so for a long time - buy it and give it a few listens - stand out tracks for me are "have you seen her lately", "happy endings" and "pink glove" - but apart from the aforementioned joyriders they're all great - Pulps finest moment for me - different class was as good in all areas, but didn't quite have that certain something for me that makes His n Hers an essential purcase

  5.  the last great manics album


    I don't know if it was the fact that they were using the last of Richeys lyrics but I bought this album and then played it about 3 times a day end to end in my car as I drove around - got it on tape (!) as I only had a cassette player and loved it - the whole thing - great singles but the album was/is still superb - MSP at the height of their powers - unfortunately I've been disappointed with everything else they've done since, but hey, I passed my peak at 18 apparently, so I can't talk!

  6.  My personal favourite Maiden Album


    I love much of what maiden did through the 80's, but this album seemed play with a recurring theme of loneliness and mortality - while still retaining the metal edge the lyrics seemed pretty honest and enable the listener, to lift the album from one which is just entertaining, such as "Number of the Beast" or "Piece of Mind", into the other category, where you listen to an album and each time it just makes more sense, and you can't help but include it into one of your favourite all time albums - I guess that this album used a lot more synths than previously for Maiden drew crtiticism, but the sheer quality of songs such as "wasted Years" and "stanger in a strange land" mean that this is one of those albums I listen to during 'those' moments