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    This is THE best RPG ever made! It has a huge detailed environment which can take days to explore. The quests are extremely detailed and the graphics are great (even on medium graphics). 5/5 - an absolutley awsome game! cant wait to get the expansions! (and i got it almost new for £3!)

  2.  Great!!


    flight sim x has got to be the best one yet!! the missions are built extremely well and the free flight is good too. im still learning at the moment but im having a great time! i think the best flight i have had was for 3 and a half hours in a glider! i had some minor problems during installation and my computer is quite laggy on the game (which is very annoying) but thats just my graphics card... my joystick is broken which im extremely annoyed with but ill need to get another,

    overall... best flight simulator ever!!!

  3.  Brilliant!


    FPSC has got to be the best game creation engine i have ever been on! it was laggy but i upgraded my pc and now it works fine so it was obviously the computer not the game. but its brilliant


  4.  Very fun and quite addictive!


    When i first saw this game i thought "well who doesnt want to play a game where you are a shark!" so i decided to buy it. i wasnt dissapointed with the game as it is very addictive. also it is quite funny to see lots of people swimming away from you because you have just torn someone in half!
    the underwater graphics are considerably better than the on-land graphics. the controls are quite easy too. problems are that when you do a sharp turn jaws somtimes starts spinning extremely fast on the spot(which is frustrating) also when you are being chased by the Amity police boats, there is no where you can go to hide. they always seem to know where you are.
    also im not sure how eating a scientist and spitting him out at a control panel is going to open a high security door but hey!

    overall i think this is quite a good game and is very amusing and entertaining.
    i would recommend this game if you are a jaws fan..

  5.  unbelievable!


    i was also slightly dissapointed about call of duty 4 being modern warfare, but i was so wrong! the COD team have made the best descision ever by bringing call of duty into the modern days! the graphics are extremely good (blood effects could be a smidge better) gameplay is breathtaking and the plot is exhillirating! 10/10!!!